Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Black And Blue Or Over!

But thankfully not bruised!

Its only my outfit.

Hasn't it been lovely being in the sun shine?

Whiska's has thoroughly enjoyed it bless him.

I was all set to take some photos out in the sunshine when my neighbour insisted on having a chat!
(I felt a little awkward after that as she insisted on gawping over the fence!)

So back in door I went.

This was actually my outfit for work on Tuesday, I've been so busy I've not really had time to take as many photos as I would have liked for the blog.

Curse you work!

If only I could win the lottery....

Mind you I'd have to buy a ticket first!

X x


  1. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..

  2. lol i know right?!
    about the lottery and lack of ticket that is lol

  3. I say the same, i plan how i would spend my win but never buy a ticket.

  4. Is that Sipderman hiding in your daffodils? Loving your dress, I'm not normally a fan of black and blue but I really like this, just goes to show you should never say never...

  5. I'm fairly certain I should have won the lottery by now if I ever remembered to buy a ticket!

  6. Haha nosey neighbours are annoying!


  7. i watched The Syndicate last night, it was quite funny :0 I might buy a ticket this week!

    1. Oh how funny was that! I'll never win as I don't buy a ticket. lol

      X x

  8. hmm I fel the same wish I could win the lotto.

    Lovely photos you look fab x


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