Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Lights Camera Action......

Yes its that time again!

Today has been full of filming.
Not a successful day either.

Most of the people who were down to do filming either didn't turn up on time or didn't turn up at all.
Sooooo frustrating, especially when you have had to pay for a film crew.
And yes I know they are all very busy with deadlines but even still.

Anyway enough moaning.
(Seems to be my favourite past time of late!)

Have you been enjoying the sunshine?

Its been beautiful and makes you feel so much better.

That said would you believe I had to defrost the car this morning?
(Well it was five o'clock)

I promise I will try to catch up with all your lovely blogs soon.

X x

1 comment:

  1. Hi hope your mum had a lovely birthday & enjoyed the show.
    That must be annoying people not showing up though. I have tried selling a few bits of furniture lately & people say they are coming & don't even turn up. I then text them and say "oh are you still coming?!" there reply " no I forgot!!) ggggrrrhhhhh
    Have a great week , sounds like it will be a very busy one take care x


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