Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Light And Shade....

It was nice to wake up to a bit of sunshine this morning, even if it was a little breezy.

And I know it is getting warmer as we slept with just the quilt last night, rather than the quilt and extra cover that we have been.
(I don't do cold)

So today, for a general days work my attire was this:
Dress - F&F (Tesco)

Very black and white.

It was nice to wear the shoes Ashleigh brought me for mothers day.
(my daughters know me so well)

Shoes - Top Shop
(mothers day gift)

This picture of my shoes really made me chuckle.
I think they look like a child has them on, as they look huge!
You know, like you used to totter around in your moms high heels?

They do fit me honest and are actually very comfy too.

X x


  1. great mothers day gift! I actually sat in my garden yesterday morning and had a cuppa!!

  2. Hi yes it really has got warmer, I even just walked at the shops in just a top. I am loving your hair colour, looks good against the black dress, Loving the shoes too,
    I tend to wear flats most of the time
    Have a great week x

  3. Hi there! great shoes, I love the print of them! Have a good week xx

  4. Sunshine? It seems to have gone back into hibernation here! Love those shoes! x

  5. Great shoes, what a fab pressie! It has been very windy here although sunny and I can hardly sleep with any covers, just you wait till the hot flushes hit honey lol x


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