Thursday, 29 August 2013

And Back To Reality......

Yes back to work it is...

Oh well, maybe one day I might win the lottery (would help if I brought a ticket though!) and  will never have to go back to work. Well you can but dream...

At least the first day back wasn't too bad as I was attending an editing for the Christmas conference dvd.

So chilled and relaxed was the outfit of the day.

Top - Brought from France at bargain price of £8
Jeans - Tesco £10

A little French too maybe?

And please notice........

Shoes - Debenhams £22

New Shoes!

Yes I have finally been allowed to purchase some new shoes for work.
So not only did I have these but another two pairs as well!

I must stress though I have thrown five pairs of work shoes out.
And thats after they were reheeled and soled, so they really did me well.
Lets hope these last as long.

As for my second day back, well not quite as formal for this one.

Back to the work wear and flat shoes due to a long walk to my meeting.
X x


  1. your job is very varied! At least you don't have to wear a uniform, I do for one of my jobs and it is toooo hot!!

  2. Hi there! Love your skirt and new shoes! x


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