Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Forget Pick Up A Penguin, Today I Pick Up A Car....

Of course nothing ever goes to plan and my plan was to collect my car two weeks ago!

Never mind as today is C day (thats car day to you and me)

No idea what it is and yes it could be a shed on wheels, but it will be my shed!

Today I am off to head office and had to leave rather early just for a change! So no pictures as it was far tooo dark and will be when I get hone too. Enjoy your pancakes, I know I will be. I made the batter last night so I would have no faffing later!

X x


  1. I hope you enjoy your new shed on wheels! X

  2. Are you pleased with the new car?

  3. Ooh can't wait to see what car you've got!xx


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