Monday, 25 November 2013

Philips Perfect Care Azur Ironing Party......

Yes you read it right, a week or so ago we had an Ironing party.
(pre hospital visits and flashing lights)

Along with a goody pack filled with manicure sets, nail varnish, shoe polish kits balloons and a fabulous blue scarf.
(a girls dream box!)

Now I hate ironing and I mean HATE it with a passion.
So anything that can make it less painful is a winner in my eyes.
(That is until non iron clothing is the norm)

I must admit to being sceptical that this wouldn't be as good as my steam generator but grabbed my pile of ironing and plugged in ready to go.

Not only did it heat up in supper speed time but the auto heat sensor worked a treat.
(I tried to fool it swopping jeans, Tshirts and shirts but the cleaver thing knew exactly what I was up to)
Plus the yellow and neon blue combo looked amazing!
(fickle moi?)

And in ten minutes my entire pile was completed.
Yes I was very impressed!

As for the ironing board, well the Philips Easy8 ironing board was perfect for me.
Just the right height with some great little touches.

Wings for ironing shirts, a holder to keep the wire out of the way and even a little pouch to hold your TV remote.
(yes it makes it more bearable to have a film on whilst I iron)

 A little test we were asked to do was to iron a balloon.
(Yes you read that right)

The heat sensor is so sensitive that you can actually iron the balloon and steam it with out it bursting.
(Do Not Try This at Home Folks!)

So would I recommend either of these products?
Yes most definitely.

The iron, whilst costly, is very effective.  My only negative is that it feels a little heavy to begin with.
And the ironing board is a favourite, so yes, yes, yes!

If you fancy treating yourself to a new iron then I have five half price vouchers to give away.
Simply leave me a message saying why you either love to loath ironing and I will let you know on Sunday who has won the vouchers.

X x

*Whilst the items were supplied for me to review the thoughts are all my own.
And honest feed back is always given.


  1. Oh, I love ironing, I'm often told this is daft but it's always been my chore of choice. I find it really relaxing. I have actually just had cause to replace my iron, as my old one got ruined in the flood, but I couldn't really justify an amazing, all-singing, all-dancing one this close to Xmas.

  2. I hate ironing ,but maybe its because my iron is so old ,Imight benefit by a new one ,Hmm just never thought of this till now Jan xx

  3. Hi there!! I have a love/hate relationship with ironing, when my iron doesn't play up its fine but when it decides to spit and hiss I feel like chucking it across the room,lol!! Your new one sounds fab as does the ironing board too! xx

  4. I hate ironing but saying that I am really fussy with it and it has to be perfect! I also love irons, a bit like boys lover their gadgets so I am off to find out more about this fab one! x

  5. I avoid ironing like you would not believe. I hang everything up with the intention of ironing it when I want to wear it but this ends up with me picking something to wear that doesn't need to be ironed, I'm certain that I'd wear a larger percentage of my wardrobe if I could find a way to enjoy the task a little more. x

  6. I just bought a new iron and its brilliant its Morphy Richards. In the past I have bought really cheap ones but you can definitely tell the difference x


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