Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Yummy, Yummy, In My Tummy....

Gosh I have eaten well over these past few days.
I have been lucky enough to stay in a stunning hotel surrounded by fabulous restaurants.
In fact we were spoilt for choice, but we some how managed to cope.

Last night saw us eating Mexican, one of my favourite foods.
Hubby was very envious as he was missing out.

But as it had been a very busy training day I was tucked up in bed nice and early as I was shattered.
This evening I have traveled the journey home and I am so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed (nothing quite beats your own bed does it?)  and giving hubby a huge hug.

I do miss him when I am away.
But I have a very early morning tomorrow in order to head to Meadowhall for another two days training course. And I shall be traveling there and back each day.

I have a feeling I will be well and truly ready for the weekend come Friday night.

X x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Manic Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday....

My first working day of 2015 and it saw me heading over to Milton Keynes for a three day course.

So I've packed my bag and will be staying here:

for the next few days.
Thankfully its a lovely hotel, which makes staying away from home a lot easier.

In all honesty these courses are a good way to get to know a few of my new work colleagues.

Best get my brain into learning gear!

X x

Friday, 2 January 2015

A Few Christmas Photos...

The camera did;t really make it out of the bag much this year.
Thats what happens when you are full of cold, but I did manage to capture a few odd snaps.

After all you should have an odd few photos to look back at.
And Milka loved all the attention bless her!

X x

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years Resolutions......

You know what, I'm not going with any resolutions.
Lets be honest no one ever really sticks to them and we only have them as its considered to be the "thing to do!"

Instead I think I will just try to live life to the fullest, look for happiness in the most unlikely of places and be as kind as I can be.

In other words try to be a good human being.

Yes, I would like to loose a few pounds (well a stone actually) and yes, I would like to be the best I can be in my career. And for both of these I will try my hardest to achieve.

Let hope 2015 proves to be a good one.

X x

Happy 2015......

May 2015 bring each and everyone love, joy, happiness and health.

X x