Thursday, 30 May 2013

Back To The Grind Stone....

After a few days working from home today I headed back to head office.

I have masses to do with my currently project getting very close to its dead lines.

Jacket - Thrifted
Dress - George
Boots - Next

So loads of meetings and rewriting of materials, as well as panic over when they will arrive and how.

And then on the way home I am to act as a collection service for hubby as I collect something he has won off eBay.

No rest for the wicked eh?!

Oh well if nothing else at least I shall sleep well tonight.

X x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Because I Can't Remember If I Told You......

In fact I am 100% sure I didn't!

Kassie, my eldest daughter has gotten into LCF!
(Thats London College of Fashion to you and I)

And I am so proud.

After what she felt was a shocking interview she's finally had the good news officially in letter form.

So between painting and decorating there new home, she now has to figure out how feasible the journey is and more importantly how expensive it is.

The apartment is looking much more like a home now and they are really pleased with it.

With super hero pictures and lego storage boxes!

A quirky shower head.

And a big bang theory style periodic table of elements shower curtain
 And as she visited us to tell us the good news Ashleigh got to model a few of her piece that will on the catwalk in the next week or so at graduation.

Very exciting!

I've already put my orders in.

 X x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

From SunShine To Down Pours......

The delights of the good old British weather eh!

Always a sign the kids are off school.

Yesterday was stunning though and we got loads achieved, well I say we but mostly mean Andy!

After a morning up at the allotment and a scrummy sandwich I attempted to tidy the garden whilst Andy went back up the allotment.

Straws berries are doing really well, lets hope we get lots this year.

Tomato plants all planted in the greenhouse. 

Along with some lettuce.

Just one of the four massive Rhubarb plants we have.

I felt a little unsteady and though staying closer to home was the better option and at least now half of my garden looks decent.

As for today, well I am working from home due to a Drs appointment midday.
Still no news about my hospital appointment which reading on line could take anything up to 18 wks!
But he has at least now requested a scan for me and since he knows I am putting in a formal complaint he is trying to be as nice as pie. Too little to late I'm afraid!.

So I am slobbing round with tied back hair and not a dot of make up.
Very un like me but you know when you just can't be bothered? Well thats how I feel today.

lets hope I will feel a little better tomorrow cause if I go to work like this I think I would scare them to death!

X x

Sunday, 26 May 2013

France And Andys Birthday.....

While we were away it was Andy's birthday.
(he was 44 but don't tell anyone!)

For his birthday we went to Mont St Michel for the day.

It was a lovely day even if it did take me forever to walk up to the monastery at the top!

 I must admit I did feel really bad that due to being in hospital I hadn't even got him a present or a card

But I did manage to sneak cake into the food shopping for him.

X x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Don't worry I am around......

Hi guys, thank you for all your kid words.

Whilst I am far from100% after a rest in France for a week I started to feel a little more human.
(plus I think four bags might of blood helped!)

I am still no further forward in finding out quite whats wrong and if I am honest my doctor has been crap.

Even though he had a discharge letter requesting an URGENT gyny appointment for me he did nothing! And I only found out when I phoned to ask if they had a date for me almost two weeks later.

After being dragged in to see him, with a fuming hubby in tow it was obvious that the Dr had no intention of getting me an appointment and we had to argue to get him to phone the hospital. Then to add insult to injury he phoned the following day to say the appointment had been denied and that I would have to wait up to four to six weeks to hear about an appointment! A formal complaint is being made!

What a palaver this has all been so far!

I just want to feel well surely thats not too much to ask?

Any how enough of me feeling sorry for my self here are just a few pics from our time in France.

WARNING: Even more to follow!

X x