Thursday, 30 June 2011

Yet Another Month Passes!

Good grief, today is the last day of June!

Would you believe that June has passed us by?

Where did it go?

So in an attempt to remind myself that it was with us for the whole 30 days I thought I would look back at what I actually did.

A little bit of charity shopping was done;

We had a family outing to the Imax on a washed out Bank holiday.
I didn't get a job, but I didn't cry into my cornflakes about it.
Finally I got my shoes looked after.
Hubbys car was repaired after my bump!
Lots of practice walking was happening.
We visited a beautiful national trust property.

I got a blister days before my Three peaks challenge.
Three Peaks success!
I was Gleeked.

If you ask me that's a fairly full month, no wonder it passed me by in a haze!

Now whats happening in July?

X x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Make Hay Whilst The Sun Shines.

How gorgeous has the weather been!?

It fantastic.

I have been trying, in between work to get my garden looking a little better again.

All that rain mad it go a little wild!

The outfit for today is this;

Never to old for a touch of Disney 

Shorts - gifted from daughter

t shirt - Hong Kong Disney

Cute Minnie Mouse

Pretty detailing
Chilled but stylish, with of course a little sparkle!

Every girl needs a few sparkles don't they?

The garden is starting to bloom.

Pretty pots

The view from our door
Hope fully after another few hours work it should look a little nicer too!

X x

Monday, 27 June 2011

Finally Feeling Human Again. (Apart For Being a Gleek!)

After what seems like months of sleep I am now beginning to feel more human.

It's so unreal how much a challenge like the Three Peaks takes it out of you.

I knew I would be shattered and had booked a few days to recover, which a friendly work colleague ignored and booked in meetings for me! Bless em! (not quite the words I used but I shall save your innocent eyes!)I had to be missing in action for the Mondays meeting, making me a little unpopular but you would have thought that they would have understood right?!
Tuesday's meeting I made but how I focused is beyond me! 
Wednesday I drove 3 hours to Wales for a meeting and then 3 hours home!
Thursday was local, thankfully, as was Friday. 

So much for recovery time eh! Thanks guys!!

My bites are starting to heal.
Bites when I first arrived home

These were all over my body, including my face!

Healing slowly, but at least not as itchy now!

They have been driving me mad. I have had to take piriton as well as antihistamine cream too.

As for my blistered finger,

Blister from holding my stick.
All healed.

Well that's all better too.

If it wasn't for my achy knees my body would feel fairly normal!

I started back at swimming Friday, walking Sunday and classes begin in again this week.

Holiday body here I come!

What a beautiful weekend we have had.

Saturday saw us in London at the O2 to see Glee!
Sad you might say but you know what?

Glee blimp

Our tickets.

The three Gleeks


 They were Fantastic!

 One of the strangest things was seeing masses of smurfs every where!

Masses of blue smurfs all trying to break some sort of smurf record. Very strange!

After Glee we headed for refreshments in Starbucks.

Ash texting as usual!

Can you tell I was a little hot?

My nephew looking very chilled, yes the tshirt is correct!

Even better I managed to get two new pairs of shoes.
In my eyes that covered two and a half mountains.
(Well one pair were in the sale!)

Photos to follow soon.

Enjoy your week.

X x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Challenge That Was....

After what has seemed likes years rather than months of preparation the Three Peaks Challenge has been completed.

In a strange way it is sad, yet in another elating!

On Friday 17th June we packed our car full to the brim with walking boots, rucksacks, clothes and snacks along with 1 driver and four very nervous walkers.

At 1.30pm we left for Scotland, arriving at our Premier Inn around 6.15 just as the others pulled up from their journey from our head office.

(Let me tell you getting 30 people booked in is no easy feet!)

At 7pm we all met for food and to calm our nerves before the big adventure.
Of course an early night was on the agenda, with many of us retiring to our rooms for 9.30/10pm.
Unbelievably 3 of the younger members decided to head into town returning at 3am!
(no surprise that they didn't manage to complete the challenge!) 

After a McDonalds breakfast we all met in the bar to discuss the challenge and what was expected.
Maps were handed out, (laminated to survive the weather and double sided to make it less to carry) along with first aid kits for each van, (of which there were 5 in total plus our car) each person was assigned a van and drivers were briefed. The understanding amongst all the walkers was that they may have to change into different vans depending as to how quickly they descended each mountain.

The very talkative and excitable bunch that I normally knew were now nowhere to be seen, having been replaced with nervous and apprehensive faces instead.

The enormity of what we have signed up to had finally hit home.

The whole crowd of walkers and drivers (bar one), including the five vans kindly given free (including fuel) for the weekend from work

Off we went to Fort William, allowing people to stock up at Morrisons and the surrounding walking shops with any last items they may need. 

Finally at 4.50pm we off loaded at the Ben Nevis Inn ready to begin at 5pm.
The amount of walkers and vans were huge, this being the first peak week of the challenge.

We said our goodbyes, wished each other luck and set off to climb the first mountain.

For the drivers this meant time to try and catch a few hours kip before we returned in what they hoped would be 5 hours or under.

The weather was awful! Rain lashed down on us for the entire climb up. As we approached approximately two thirds up the mountain to the place where it was massed in snow in May, I was so relieved to see no snow at all. Just a very wet path.

Just before we approached the summit we saw our first bit of snow. It was only approximately 20ft across but the trouble people were having both climbing up and down was hysterical! A couple coming down as I was climbing up gave up trying to stay on their feet and opted for sliding down on their bottoms instead! Whilst it looked a fun way to do it the thought of a few hours with not only wet clothes but a freezing bum too meant in was not for me.

Hubby had reached the summit half an hour before me and even though he was freezing cold he waited for me to arrive in order to get a photo together.

As soon as this was taken it was straight back down to the bottom for me!

After 4 hours and 50 minutes I marched off the bottom, elated with my achievement. Whilst I wasn't one of the fasted I had paced myself the entire way, reaching the bottom feeling shattered, within the time allowed and with energy still in the tank for the next two mountains. A few of our walkers had flown up and down and I knew that they would be feeling it by the time we reached Scarfell Pike.
Hubby was so pleased to have the first one completed

As was I!

You can see just how wet we were.

This has to be one of my favourite photos ever. My nephew was so pleased for me he ran over for a very wet hug, even though he was now in his nice dry clothes. One of the best hugs ever!

After striping out of our wet walking gear and into drive clothes we set straight off on our 6 hour journey to Scarfell Pike. The drive was avery long one. Rain beat down, fog made visibility almost none existent and dear running in the road gave us concern to. My way to cope was to get some sleep, not a lot but enough to feel I had rested. 

We arrived at Scarfell Pike at 3.50am giving us time to change into our walking gear, refill our water and set off for 4am. We were dropped off the national trust car park. (quick tip, the car park is closed at that time as there is a camp site next to it. You must be very quiet on this part of the path)

Even as we were setting off, with our trusty head torches on people were already descending having climbed it totally in the dark! These were the walkers doing the challenge in the reverse order. I can not imagine having to climb Ben Nevis last!! 

Even though it was early in the morning the light was good. This was by far the hardest of the three. just getting out of the car felt a challenge, one that wasn't helped by yet more rain lashing down on us!

The peril of this mountain is that you can so easily go the wrong way, causing you to scramble and climb far too close the edge than anyone should. Luckily hubby navigated spot on, never leaving me and encouraging me to go quicker when needed and ensuring I constantly drunk water to stay hydrated.
You would be amazed how much water you get through!

After 2 hours we reached the top.
Yet again soaked through!

The same six that managed to complete all in 24 hours, just my nephew missing from this picture.

Quick photo and straight back down again!

This was the mountain that caught many people out.
On the way down we saw many of our party. Some almost at the top, others half way up, a few in absolute tears and having to turn round.

When we reached the bottom it was terrible. No one was around. Not one of the vans or our car. It was soul destroying to see no one. With no phone signal at all we felt very alone. However after a few minutes our car arrived and whisked us off to a clearing up the road where Andy's parents were waiting with bacon and sausage sandwiches, tea and coffee, along with a packed lunch for in car.
One of the best sights ever! Bacon, sausage and beans plus a cuppa! Divine.

I have never been so pleased to see them!
This was the morale boost that we all needed drivers included.(Don't underestimate how hard it is for the drivers.)
As we had made such good time this allowed us to have a well earned break for around 30/40 minutes before once again setting off on a five hour journey to Snowdon.

I dropped off to sleep again for most of the journey but bless them they woke me up 40 minutes before we arrived to eat my packed lunch in order to have more energy to climb the last mountain.

We arrived in record time at 12.40. As you can never park on the car park unless you are there at silly o'clock in the morning we stopped at a lay by to kit up. This was essential as you are only allowed a few minutes to be dropped off before being ushered away by the car park attendant. At the top we were dropped off and quickly set off on our last climb. 

Now I love Snowdon, it is without a doubt my favourite mountain. I love the scrambling, the views and even how shattered it makes me feel and my biggest worry was that after this my feelings would well and truly change! However as if by magic the sun appeared, warming my bones and encouraging me to get my sorry ass up that mountain. I am not going to lie it was hard work and I very quickly wanted to sun to bugger off as I was far to hot! But what amazed me more than anything was how quiet the climb was. On Ben Nevis you saw nothing but Three Peakers, Scarfell Pike you could see people starting to flag and the crowds had thinned out considerably. Here it was so quiet it felt strange, don't get me wrong I was pleased to not have to wait behind others or have the constant excuse me please phrase falling from my mouth, but even so it felt surreal. 

On our journey up we saw friendly faces of people who can come to meet us and decided to climb Snowdon too. Again this really did boost morale. I was so pleased to see that my nephew had managed to catch us up, no mean feet either as he had arrived 15 minutes after we had set off! 

At the top one last photo before our finally descent.
Totally past caring how I looked at this point. a kiss was all I wanted>

Smiles all round.

Hubby and Josh flew infront wanting to ensure they finished in 24 hours and finish they did coming in at 23 hours and 24 minutes. To be fair to my lovely hubby he could have finished so much quicker but he would never leave me, promising to reach each summit together. For that I am so grateful as it spurred me on more than he will ever know.

I finally finished my Three Peaks challenge coming in at 23 hours and 45 minutes. 
Quite how my legs carried me I will never know!

"Thank God", was quickly followed by "never again!"

I was so happy I could have cried.
So pleased and proud.

My feet fully intact, my only blister was one on my hand from my walking stick which burst just before the bottom of Snowdon.

Is it a challenge I would do again?

No bloody way!

But I am so proud to have completed it.

Not only that but out of the 22 walkers that started, only 11 completed all three mountains.

Out of the 11 only 7 completed it in 24 hours, of which I came in fourth.
The seven that completed in under 24 hours.

Other than having my girls this has been the hardest and proudest thing I have ever done.

Even if it was an extreme way to get three new pairs of shoes!!

My legs are still stiff although I do now feel more human.

The worst part is the 50+ midge bites I now have all over my body. 
I look like I have chicken pox and itch like mad!!

X x