Monday, 28 February 2011

The morning after the night before! (& the day & the night & the day before that too!)

Ok so lets not beat around the bush. 
I am Knackered. 
In fact I feel as if I have been run over by an arctic lorry! (not that I want to ever truly know what that feels like thank you!) 
My legs  are so stiff it's not even funny! 
How unfit am I!!!


However onwards and upwards as they say.

To day I am off on a course and won't be home till tomorrow.
The title of the course?

"Image and Impact!"

So you never know I might learn s few things that I can pass on!

 I don't really like staying away from home unless I have to and although this is commutable it will be the last chance we all get to meet up, so we are taking the opportunity to have a meal out together. It's almost the end of a year long course run by my company for insiprational leaders of the future! Sound posh eh! and if I'm honest I will be sad for it to end. I have made a few good friends within head office depatments and I hope we will all stay in touch. It has been odd, as out of a 14 strong group there are only two ladies and both of us are called Trayci/Tracy. Even our last names begin with the same intial!

So I am now off to stay in the Clumber Park Hotel in Worksop.

It has a spa and gym, but I don't think I am up anything more strenous than a gentle stroll and perhaps a swim.

As it is casual I am very comfy today. 

Top - Top Shop (Thrifted),  Jeans - Primark, Shoes - Gifted and customised by daughter 
A little bit of an 80s vibe going on I feel.

Love them as they are unique.

Jewellery - purchase from France

I am lucky that I recieved my shoes as a gift from my eldest last year so please excuse any marks on them!

Well I'm off to take a few more pain killers before my drive. Beloved hubby has loaned me his comfy BMW so it won't kill my legs. Bless him.

Enjoy your day.

X x x

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Simple maths. Add, subtract and equalise!

Firstly take three people. A fit hubby (meaning as in fitness although I obviously think he is rather fit too!), a nephew and me.

Then factor in one very large mountain by the name of Snowdon. (gulp)

Subtract any fitness level at all on my behalf. (well I do sit on my bottom most of the day!)

Add an extra two miles to the base of Snowdon due to the car park being full. (not even funny as it was up hill)

And finally add in a lot of moaning! (due to steep climbs, not been able to breath,cold and snow! It even snowed at the top!)

Equals my first practice mountain completed in four and a half hours!

Trust me that is a huge achievement for me! When we do it for the three peaks challenge it needs to be completed in four hours and to be fair to hubby and nephew they would have completed it well under if they hadnt had to keep stopping for me! (yes I did feel guilty but I had to rest!)

In total we climbed to 1085m above sea level and walked with the extra walking around 12 miles!

The state of play today? My legs ache lots! But the sense of achievement is huge. I know I drove them mad with my moaning but my fitness level is shocking so it can only get better.

So am I resting today? Taking it easy? Regrettably no!! Off to climb a big hill called the Wrekin. So if you hear moaning you'll know it's only me. Wish me luck!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Work and Play (Minus the Play!)

As it's been a little busy with work this week I don't really have any play outfits to share.
Sad I know. But by the time I've got home it has just been food, a little rubbish TV and then bed. And I have been too shattered to be bothered to get changed for such a short time.

So heres what the week saw me wearing:


Dress - River Island (the detailing across the bottom is lovely and it has a bow on at the back too)
Tights - Tesco, Shoes - Primark

Dress - ASOS ( love this dress and how the front creates a point of interest, hence two pictures!)
Tights - Tesco, Shoes - Primark, Jewellery - Gifted.

Dress - Asda, Scarf - thrifted, Jewellery - Gift, Tights - Bhs, Shoes - New Look
Skirt - H&M (very old but love the detail with silk strip at the bottom and the buttons on front,
Top - Thrifted, Jewellery - gifted or thrifted.

Shoes - New Look (pretty detailing)

You can't quite see but the shoe has kind of a button nose!


As already seen. My rule breaking outfit!
 So as I said no play this week!
After three all say ahhh!!
1, 2, 3

Next week I shall make I you do.

Happy weekend to all. i do hope you have a good one.

Much love x x

Friday, 25 February 2011

In the words of Ashley Simpson "I just wanna colour outside the lines! Cause I'm a rulebreaker!"

As you know I have to be very corporate for my day to day outfits, which when you see all the lovely outfits that others bloggers are wearing daily it really seems unfair! However I have never been one to play completely by the rules, something that used to get me into a fair bit of trouble I can tell you! And in true Trayci fashion have managed to bend rules ever so slightly to be able to add a little more colour!

Primark blouse (years old), H&M skirt (from America again years old), Adsa tights, Old thrifted leather boots and an assortment of jewelry from across the years.

Not quite the black and white theme I should be following!

I am loving the colour block trend that is to be around for the summer months and wanted to add more into my boring work routine. Luckily for me the sessions I have been taking meant I got away with the dress sense!

Sitting down on the job!
Rules broken in said dress code?

Not too sure what I'm messing with!

A grand total of 4!
No boots unless under trousers,
Black and white colour pallet,
Plain black or nude tights only,
No colourful jewelry.

And to add even more colour I added one of my favourite bags that was brought back from Thailand by my mother-in-law for me.

Favourite handbag

Even more wonderful colour.

Love it!

So what rules have you broken lately?

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rome wasn't built in a day!

As you know the summer holiday is now booked. 

Great something to look forward to. 

What that also means is something to motivate this butt to get off the sofa and try to get a little more toned. I only wear bikinis on holiday and even though I've hit 40 that is not going to change!

Whilst I don't class my self as fat I know that  loosing a few pounds and toning can only be a good thing. 
The problem is motivation!

I really have no excuse for not exercising as we have; a treadmill, exercise bike and a rowing machine! (the cross trainer is on loan to my niece) Along with Wii fit and now a Kinect too! But anyone who works full time along with caring for a family will tell you, getting time for yourself can only be achieved by rising earlier or going to sleep later, neither appeal greatly as I love my sleep!

However I am now setting the alarm early, dragging my derier out of bed and hitting the treadmill for a whole 20 minutes. Doesn't sound like much I know but as the saying goes Rome wasn't build in a day!

To add to this I have now been committed (not literally although there is still time!) to doing the three peaks challenge in June to raise money for Age UK. The charity we support through work.

  Hubby has set it up and it is very quickly gaining momentum! I must admit three mountains in 24 hours fills me with real dread but I will try my hardest to do all that I can.

So watch this space! Motivation may be needed along with many words of encouragement! And for those I thank you in advance! 

Now I'm off to make sure those trainers and walking boots are a matching pair!

X x x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Crack out the bubbly!

You know that interview that my dear daughter went for?

Well she's only gone and got it!

How proud am I!!

It's a big step for her to leave the fashion industry that she loves, in order for her to earn more money to begin thinking of the future home she and her partner are looking at buying. So tonight we have a double celebration.

A new job for Kassie and a birthday celebration for my father-in-law.
The only man I know who manages to make his birthday last the whole month of February! My nephew celebrates his birthday on January 29th which signals to my father-in-law that his begins. I had to ban him from celebrating his on mine to allow me a 40th birthday meal! He's so funny and we love him loads even if I drives us dotty!

On an added happy note, how relieved were we all that the lovely Vix heard from her bestest friend Helga. I know it was the first thing I checked when I jumped out of bed this morning.

It's so terrible whats happened and my thoughts and prayers are with all of the families in Christchurch. Remember to be thankful for the people that you love and tell them just that every day.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A complement indeed!

Last night I received a call  from my supper stylish eldest daughter. Nothing too unusual granted, however the request that followed most definitely was.

"Please may I borrow something to wear?"


To say I was gob smacked was an understatement! You see she has for many years worked in the fashion industry and along with that comes masses stylish clothes, so it is usually a request made the other way around!

The reason for the request? An interview. Dearest girl is wanting to set up home with her lovely boyfriend and is needing a higher salary to do that. So proud that she is so committed!

So as she exited our house last night she took with her 5 dresses that looked 100% more fabulous on her than me but that didn't matter as she has made my day! 

Kassie and I in Rome at the Trevi Fountain

I'm a stylish mommy don't you know! 

Get me!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Reasons to smile

Just thought I would share with you my top things that have made me smile last week.

1. A random text from hubby telling me he's just eaten my bottom! (meaning of course the valentine cookies I made him!) It made me chuckle out loud during a meeting. (not very professional)

2. My youngest being soo thankful for me nursing her, due to her being ill from school. Kind of reminded me of when she was a little girl wanting mommy love.

3. Having a family holiday booked to look forward to and for also giving me the motivation to loose those few extra pounds in order to look better in the bikini.

4. The arrival of our xbox kinect. So much fun! I just hope it gets used more than the wii, which has been unloved for a while.

5. Sunny days. Whilst it's still been cold it still amazes me how much better I feel if it's sunny.

So what made you smile last week?

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Stupid is, as stupid does!

So here goes;

My name is Trayci and I admit to being a little stupid at times.

There I've said it! Have you ever had one of those days and done something that not only made you cringe but laugh at yourself too? Well today was my day.

As usual I was rushing to get out of the door on time, even though I had planned what to wear and ensured everyone else was sorted to.  Off I went to work, nothing too stupid so far.  The journey was good and I was fully prepared for my training sessions.   I got to the store and signed in, then headed straight to the managers office to get my list of names.  The lovely store manager greeted me and looked at me slightly oddly.  

Had I got breakfast in my teeth I wondered?   No.   
Was my hair a mess?   No. 
Had I got a boggie?  No.

The reason for the odd look was this!



In my rush to get out of the door I had put on one black shoe and one purple.
I felt extremely Stupid, but even I had to laugh.
Luckily I could sit down during the sessions and hide my embarrassment under the table.
Stupid is, as stupid does!

Here's what they should have looked like.

Shoes from New Look

The rest of the outfit luckily wasn't odd, well not to me anyway!

Crop trousers - H & M, Top - thrifted, Scarf - gift, Cardy - thrifted, Jewellery - New Life

Well that's my stupid moment confessed to, but will you be brave enough to confess to yours?
If so please leave share by leaving a comment.

Much love
X x

Friday, 18 February 2011

Work and Play part 2


It's the end of the week. I would like to say that meant two whole days off however I have to work part of Saturday too! Boo Hoo!

Never mind at least I have Sunday, I would say to chill but I have ironing and washing to do, all the family over for Sunday lunch etc etc. What are you plans?

Well here are my last few outfits during my working week.


WORK - Rebelling with patterned tights!
(ASOS dress, Gifted necklace, Primark shoes, Asda tights)

PLAY - Comfy and colourful.
(Dorthy Perkins dress, thrifted cardy)

Work - Adding a floral hint or too.
(Asda Jacket and tights, Primark shoes)

WORK - Pushing my luck with colour!
(Primark dress)

PLAY - I think I must like purple at the moment!
(H & M top, Asos jeans, New Look shoes.)

Happy weekend to all.

X x x

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Work and Play

Now let me start of by saying that I am far from a fashion guru nor do I claim to be super stylish.I am an 40year old trying to look smart and feel comfortable. I dress for me and only me! Due to the nature of my work I have to be suited and booted and a code of white and black is given to the management teams I visit. Due to this I have to be as corporate as possible, boring but I do try to put my own mark on them.

So here are my outfits so far this week.


WORK - broken up with a little red for Valentines day
(River Island dress, years old! Thrifted red belt and birthday bag)
PLAY - Chilling ready to cook our three course meal.
(New Look heels, thrifted jeans,top and belt)

 WORK - Big bow! my way of rebelling!
(Tesco suit, H&M blouse, birthday bag)

PLAY - comfy and casual.
(Asda shorts & belt, hand me down top)


WORK - A little more girly.
(Tesco dress, necklace gifted)
 No play due to working late!

X x x

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hip Hip Horray, We've booked a holiday.


We have booked our summer holiday!

My hubby, bless him thinks he is Judith Chalmers! He is far from happy unless he has at least one holiday lined up and was getting very unhappy due to the fact that our holiday wasn't booked. Now I have a happy hubby, for a short time at least.

So where are we off to?


Hubby and youngest went two years back without me (a case of them having much more time off than me!) and they have been desperate to get me there ever since. Last time they swam with whale sharks, I some how don't think I want to do that, but never say never eh!  

They looked Huge!

But very graceful.

So any tips or hits of what to see or do whilst we are out there would be more than well come.

Much love
X x  

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What's in a name?!

Of all the decisions that I have made, naming my children has been without a doubt the most stressful and important.


Well that decision will be with them for the rest of their lives. Setting the tone of who they are and instantly creating an image of what they are like.

I can always remember coming out from registering my beautiful baby girl (number 1 daughter) only to hear a woman shouting loudly to her dog. Yes you guessed it the dogs name was the same as hers Kassie! Only my daughters full name is Kassandra Nicole. I think that year Kassie was a very popular name.

As for my youngest, my hubby and I fought for many an hour during my pregnancy over names, in fact if she had been a boy we had no name! Luckily we finally agreed on Ashleigh Mae, not my first choice. I very much wanted Rose Olivia however thanks to Rose and Fred West that quickly went out the window!!!

As I vet through many application forms and CVs I really wish people thought hard about the choices they make for their children. having said that one of my daughters best friends is named Somerset. What a beautiful name. As yet I have not met any Apples or Pears only Acers and Paris.

Lets be honest we not many of us like our names, I don't even have a middle name to use instead!
And I know my mom let my sister choose my name! Crazy or what!

As my dear granny used to say "never judge a book by it's cover or a person by the mistakes others made for them!"

Much Love
X x

Monday, 14 February 2011

Hugs and kisses x x

Happy Valentines day to you all!

I hope yours has been as good as mine.

Of course the cards were recieved.

And my prezzie to hubby??

Well what better than bottom cookies!

Followed by a very yummy three course meal!

Much love X x x