Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Perfect Package..

As part of my summer swop I received a fabulous package from the lovely Hazel over at World of Joy.

Not only was it wrapped beautifully, it also came with a lovely note.

It was a shame to unwrap them.

Inside each beautifully wrapped parcel was a perfect summer item.

I love the lip butter, it tastes divine.
My keys were very quickly added to the beautifully made key fob.

And this necklace has been worn none stop!
I can't thank you enough Hazel.

X x

Monday, 21 July 2014

We Interrupt This Programme.....

Did you wonder where I'd gone?

We are on our jollies in France.
But don't worry I shall be back before you know it.

X x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Stunning Don't You Know.....

Don't you just love all the stylish blogs you read with stunning photos of ladies looking made up and not a hair out of place.

In reality, for me at least, thats just not how I look.
Well not everyday at least, I like to think I look presentable most days and especially for work.

My days off ,such as Sundays, are spent in comfy clothes that I don't mind getting muddy, or tearing on chicken wire as I clean out the chicken run or rabbit hutch or garden at the allotment.
(Yes I know, I lead a very glamorous life indeed)

Top - Daughters
Cami - Next Thrifted
Skirt - Gap (old)

I will even wear underwear as outerwear, like this Next cami top that I thrifted from a local charity shop.

It's much nicer than a boring strappy top.

Unruly fringe and specs instead of contact lenses.

And as for not a hair out of place....
Obviously mine has just been scrapped up and tied back
No make up in sight.

Excuse the swollen belly!

But I am happy doing my mucky chores and am always back to my made up neat self on the next work day.
Well everyones allowed an off day.

X x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Don't Brick Me In...

Finally we are back to the normality that is life.
Well Andy is, I'm yet to get that far.

I'm still doing reduced hours which are plenty.
Especially as I am trying to get ready for our holidays.

No rest for the wicked eh and I must have been very wicked.
Bet get this derrière in gear otherwise we will be going away without any clothes or food!

X x

Monday, 7 July 2014

Jazz Tune Or Two, An Annoyance For You...

Well I have to admit I had a great weekend.
But how quickly they pass you bye!

Robbie was as A...Ma...Zing as ever.
(I am very bias)
Hubby said he was very self indulgent, which of course he was but as with all his shows he really is very much the entertainer.
I have been singing ever since hence I have been very annoying to everyone.

Yesterday was a quiet day with hubby and the youngest having to work until just after midnight.

So although we spent the day together it was a quietist evening.
Well I say quiet, the eldest paid me a visit to tell me all about her holiday.
She really is so funny with the things she's done, its lovely as she has such a happy outlook on life.

I'm pleased today is over, I'm not enjoying that first day back to work feeling.
But I am on holiday count down so I can just about cope.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

x x

Sunday, 6 July 2014

June Round Up...

I've not done too well with outfit posts in past months but I do like to review what it was I actually wore.

 And it always amazes me how old faithfuls appear every time.
Even though I have a wardrobe and more, full of clothes.

 Time to reshuffle and add the summer clothes.
Yes I really am only just doing that.

Well at least its a job I can do whilst I recover from last night.
We had a great time and Robbie was brilliant.

And thankfully for the family I have no voice today from all that singing.

No wonder they are all looking so happy.

X x

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Jump On Board....

Tonight hubby and I are off to see Robbie Williams.

Tickets were part of my christmas present and if I'm honest I had almost forgotten about it.

And whilst he might not be everyones cup of tea he is mine.
So please exude me while I go and gaze a while like a silly teenager and sing my heart out.

X x

Friday, 4 July 2014

Happy 4th July....

Here in the UK today is just another day,

Top - Thrifted
Jeans - ASOS cut off by me!
Sandals - ASOS jelly sandals (old)

No celebrations or a long weekend.

However in the US I know its a very different story.
And an American family friend, who has been staying with the in-laws for a week or so was desperate to be home  in time to enjoy the festivities.

For me the day has consisted of taking the car for a service, waiting for parcels and sorting some very messy rooms.

Stupidly long fringe blowing like a comb over!

So no excitement at all here.


X x

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cut Me Out...

Thank you soooo much for all your kind comments on my last post.
As I said its now onwards and upwards and I have been having a smile on my face no matter what.

And this I hope might just make you guys smile too.

Dress - ASOS
Shoes - Debenhams

I got myself dresses this morning (not that anyone else very does it for me you understand) and choose a dress that makes me feel good.
On it went and I promptly pulled up the zip, rearranging my arm to do the last inch or so.
As I did I realised that the bottom part of it had pulled apart and no matter what I did to try and unzip, rezip, nothing helped and the zip stayed well and truly buggered!

The result was me stuck in a dress and having to cut myself out of it.
Oh the shame!

Bag - Thrifted

Curse you fat swollen belly!
Mind you I did have to laugh, I must have looked such a sight.

With a bit of luck the zip can be changed and the dress repaired ready for when my flatter tummy days return.

X x

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I'll Only Whine Once!

I promise this just a rant to get it out of my system, the it's onwards and upwards.

As you know yesterday was the big consultants meeting. And it didn't start or finish so well.
After a very long (1hr plus) wait my name was finally called. Not to go in though, but to be asked why I didn't attend my scan. The scan that showed up a mass, fluid, inflamtion to name but a few things.

Todays attire, a dress to cover the ever growing tummy.

Turns out my scan could not be found, which considering its on a computer screen is quite a feat to achieve.  After yet another wait we were called in to see not the main consultant but another one. He asked questions that just weren't relevant, skirted around any questions regarding my scan and told me to just give my painkillers chance to work. Err Hello, I've been on them 4 months and surely pain is not a good sign.

Dress - George Asda

Having listened to me vent he then went off to speak to the main consultant and we were left in a room for another 30 minutes.

Yesterdays swollen belly!
Easy to see why people as me when its due!

I was then told cone back in 6 months. Tears flowed, both of rage and pain and hubby added his thoughts too. I really felt for the nurse who later told us this dr frequently forgets his password and is then unable to view scans. She also went straight to the main consultants secretary to see if we could get an appointment within the next 4 weeks. And if it doesn't arrive I shall be booking private. Which when your not getting full pay is a lot.

This is what I looked like after lots of tears and a few swear words.

On the way home I rung my gp to see if they had received my scan results and guess what?  They had them back the next day! With a "no action needed" note as I was booked to see the consultant. 
So today I seen my doctor who has talked me through the detail they have about the scan, given my stronger pain killers and even called the consultant direct to get a proper explanation. I can't thank my doctor enough.

Soooooo angry about the whole situation.
And feel like an idiot for crying with frustration at the hospital and at the doctors.
No more moaning about feeling ill, I have a holiday to prep for and clothes to sort.
Just want to be my happy self I used to be.

X x

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Short And Sweet...

Of which I refer to the blog post, not me obviously!
Would you believe I had to leave the house mega early today for a meeting?
Well I say mega early which is of course a total lie, although it was early to me.

Sundays attire

I had a meeting with HR reference my return to work, phased working hours and of course my health in general.

Top - Tesco (old)
Shorts - Asda (old)

Which was on completely the wrong day as my consultants appointment was actually this afternoon.

Please note I am writing this prior to my appointment.
Tonight will be a good glass of wine, fitting for what ever information I am given.
Just keep everything crosses for me that is good news and nothing too bad.

And I will be back tomorrow with hopefully good news.
Hugs to all.

X x