Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Give thanks for the things you adore!

Just a quick update to share the things that make me smile in this run up to the 40!

1) family - love them to bits. They make me smile and they make me cry but they are mine and I love them.
2) friends - they tell you the truth even when it's hard for you to hear, dry the tears when your sad, laugh with you not at you and are the family you choose for yourself!
3) yummy food - I enjoy making it and I enjoy eating it. Enough said!
4) clothes - not because I'm fickle, but because they make me feel good about myself. I don't set a trend or even follow one but when your other half tells you look good then that's good enough for me.
5) shoes - no rhyme nor reason I just love them!

Much love x x

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Thankful for the weekend

Wow what a week! It truly has been crazy.

Work has been manic. Training sessions, my review which luckily went very well. Even my 2000 word assignment which for me is terrifying. It's been a long time since I was at school I'll tell you. I just hope I pass.

Home is manic too. A teenager, say no more eh! Who has been well behaved this week. A messy house with loads of ironing. I HATE ironing. Does anyone like it? If so please do mine!!!

Next week looks a little calmer which should allow me to plan my Venice trip more. Can't wait. Can't believe I'm not freaked out turning 40, but I've decided I'm like a fine bottle of wine and I get better with age!

I'm hoping for a relaxing and calming weekend. Wish me luck.

Hope your weekend goes well.

Much love x x

Monday, 17 January 2011


Last few days, life got a little busy! Still is to be fair and I'm wondering how I am going to fit everything in.

So what happened last week? Well hubby had a week off and went to the lakes with the in-laws and nephew. They had a great time and we (that's Ash and I) were slightly envious. Look at the views!

How beautyful is that? Have to say that the lakes are one of my favourite places, peaceful and beautiful.

Mind you, they did walk in  quite a lot of snow too!

And he seems far too happy about it!

Whilst they were away Ashleigh and I went to see little fockers. It was very funny. We also enjoyed having just mother and daughter time. The time went very quickly.

Work has got busy, what with my report being due on Friday. I have sent off a draught to see if I'm on the right track and am eagerly awaiting feed back. To top it all I also have my end of year review this week to prep for and a full diary of training sessions to deliver. Busy,busy!!!

Wish me luck! Enjoy your week what ever it may bring x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Forgotten memories

I hate to admit it but my birthday is just around the corner and it's not just any birthday. Oh no. This one is a special one, a mile stone the big 40!!! Oh my! I shouldn't mind really, I don't feel and I don't think I look it.( if you disagree please don't burst my bubble and tell me) At the end of the day it's only a number isn't it?

What it has done however has made me look at the time gone by. Its amazing how many memories you have put away so safe that you've forgotten them.

The ridiculous hair styles as a teenager. What was I thinking?!

Which really got no better!

About the people who are no longer with us.
My lovely dad who I miss so much and who would have been so proud of the young lady my eldest has turned into as well as my youngest who, whilst he never met her has the kindest and biggest heart ever.

How my two girls have grown.

The adventures along the way.

Birthdays past.

How proud I am of my family.

And of the adventures to come.

So as for my 40th? Well whilst it may not be as grande a celebration as we did for hubbys, (Hong Kong) we are off to Venice. My choice, just hubby and I. The flight is booked as is the hotel so now the fun planning can begin and don't worry I shall keep you posted every step of the way. 1st February bring it on!

My how the weekends fly!

Gosh where did last week go?
Isn't it amazing where the time goes?
Back to work and the  hours fly by, they don't always feel like it granted! Depends on the day! Must admit though being back to the grind stone hasn't been that bad, however I do have 2000 work assignment to complete by next week that hasn't even been looked at yet. If that was one of the children I would be very cross with them, how ironic! I am starting it today, honest! (famous last words in our house hold.

Last week was fairly eventful, back to work, trying to go back to eating sensible, heartbreak as my daughter and her boyfriend split up (who would be 15 again!), a fancy dress party and yet another walk. Phew!!

Work - was good. Lots to catch up with after such a long break and my diary is full to burst until March.

Food - ok ish!? Trying to get back to eating well after far too many goodies over the festive period. Need to loose a little weight and begin running again. My how I hate that running machine!! That is the goal of this week to get back to it.

Heartbreak - who would be 15 again? I hate seeing my children upset, knowing nothing you say or do will make it any easier. We have had the exchange of items left at each others house as well, so you know it's well and truly over. She seems ok now mind and is spending time with friends that haven't been around for a while.

Party - an 80s party to be precise. It was a friend of mines 30s birthday the weekend and we were invited to an 80s theme party in Sheffield. Originally hubby and I were going and would have stayed over however all good plans go belly up! He couldn't go so my friend and I went just for the evening. An hour and forty minute journey but worth it. Even though I look like a complete tool I shall share with you how silly we looked!

Jo as a rock chick and me more as a madonna fan.

How cool is the cake?

Walk - yet again another walk. This time the Wrekin. Now let me be clear I HATE that hill, but i know it is good for me (especially my butt!) so i will do it. I can't breath as I climb it, which shows just how unfit I am now that I can sit on my bottom most of the day!! Sunday was cold and icy so it made it even less fun to try and climb. I even managed to slide down as I was walking up! A huge thank you to the kind man who caught me as hubby was way up in front! Once climbed however and choosing not to think of the scary descent the views were amazing as usual. 

Over half way up and the top is in sight.

The view from that height is amazing. Shows the frost on the ground.

But when you reach the top the view is even better.

It gives you a chance to catch your breath. Can you see the man struggling to stand up? It was very windy at the top.

Till next time much love x

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A walk in Bridgenorth to flush away the cobwebs

The views as we did our 11 mile walk were fantastic and the weather whilst cold stayed clear all the way.
From the high point the view into Bridgenorth was amazing.
It tricks you into believing it was a summers day!
Looking a little porky! It was the layers honest!
Hubby did the map reading and we sat here to eat our lunch.
We discovered a den of some kind. It took me back to being a kid.
Finally on the last leg we caught a glimpse of the steam train after hearing it along the walk.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The return to the grind stone!

So today saw the dreaded return to work. IN fairness it wasn't so bad. Tons of emails to wade through and phone calls to make but no huge stress. Worst part? Aching legs! We did a fantastic 11 mile walk yesterday around Bridgenorth, very beautiful! But feeling it today! Note to self, must get fitter! Hope to share some photos of the walk tomorrow.

If you returned to work today how was it for you?

Much love x