Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Day/Night Before.....

A Birthday Alone!


Ok so not quite alone but without hubby, which in my book is a huge thing I can tell you.

To make matters even worse I am working miles away from home and having to action a new store workshop, so I will not even be surrounded by familiar faces. I will finally get home for around 7ish only to have to set out at 5am again in the morning. And I won't get home till late tomorrow evening either..

Ok rant over.

Because I knew that I would be feeling rather rotten over the whole birthday thing I went out over the weekend and spent a few of my Debenhams vouchers. 

Heres what I spent them on:
Beige trousers £10
 These may not look that great on the hanger however they look (and feel) great on.
(even if I do say so myself!)

Trousers Topshop £5!
What a spot they were.

From £45 to £5!

I love the green colour and the trim on them.
Shoes £7
 I know they might look a little Bet Lynch but I really do need some flat shoes as I live in heels and thought these would be good with all of my black skirts/trousers.

Shoes £14
Again these are a little smarter than just plain ballet pumps

And nice and shiny too!

Dress £13
Whilst it appears a little old ladyish, I actually quite like that fact.
Plus I like the two tone effect.

The trouble was that I didn't only spend them, oops...

I also brought this:
Reduced Primark Dress

But it was a bargain at £5.

And I used my last boots no7 voucher along with a few points to buy this;
You can never have too many red nail varnishes!

But it did work out free!

Oh well everyone needs a pre birthday gift. 
Don't they???

And tomorrow on my actual birthday I shall be as happy as a sandman, promise!
X x

Monday, 30 January 2012

What would you say????

I'm going to let you into a little secret......

But you have to promise not to laugh.......

When ever I hit a BIG birthday, those ones with the 0s on, I always write myself a letter to open on the next Big one.

On my thirtieth birthday I threw a strop. I sooooo didn't want to be thirty and felt that my twenties had passed me by with out me noticing.  In my letter I asked my 40 year old self if I had made the best of the past 10 years as life is no rehearsal!

And last year I wrote my 50 year old self a letter (GULP!)

This Wednesday I will be celebrating my 41st birthday (I only feel 25!) and I got to thinking what might I put in a time capsule to show for these last 41 years.

Here's what I came up with:

Childhood photos.

To me life is all about the memories you make and the lives you touch, so of course the people who I hold dear to me would have to be features within. So sad to look back and realise so many people have passed away, however they have all made an imprint on my heart. After all they helped shape me into the person I became.

An Eraser

It probably seems a very silly thing to put in, but across those years I have made many mistakes.
But thankfully the people I care about and those that care about me have always forgiven, forgotten or helped pick up the pieces.
So whilst I can't (and in some cases wouldn't want to) erase these mistakes from my life they have resulted in stronger relationships and cherished loved ones.

The Girls Art Work

I had to work incredibly hard when my eldest was little in order to make ends meet and its always some thing that looking back on I regret, as I missed so much time with her. She is a beautiful person and says that she understood how hard it was for me/us. So I cherish the things we made together and the memories we created. With Ashleigh I was lucky enough to be able to spend so much more time with her, not that she ever seems to bothered as she is so independent, typical eh! 

The Videos/DVDs From Our Many Adventures

Again images invoke memories that instantly bring
 a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

At no point in my list do any material possessions appear!

Yes, I need a roof over my head and food in my belly, but with out love in my heart and the people I care about being safe, for me every thing else pails into insignificance!

So back to my opening question...

What would say to yourself another 10 years down the line?

And what would appear in you life capsule?

X x