Thursday, 31 March 2011

Moms The Word

Just in case you have been living on another planet Sunday is Mothers Day.

But before I share my feelings on this here are the shoes of the day.

Years old George shoes

Pretty detailing on the heel

And also at the front.

Much squarer heels than I have now and a square front also
Very comfy shoes for my still heeling feet!

Now back to Mothers Day.

Many of you may not be a mom but may be pondering what to get your own, so I thought I would share a few of my top Mothers Day presents that I have received over the years from my lovely girls.

When they were little my favourite thing was always the homemade card.
Just knowing that they had spent time and effort creating something for me used to make my heart swell with love.

My favorite cards from my oldest daughter from over the years
(she's now 23!)

And my favourites off my youngest.
(shes now15!)

How sweet is this!
And as for gifts, well nothing beats a little creativity.

Gifts from a very tiny youngest daughter.

Gift from a very young eldest daughter

Art work from my youngest
All of them have pride of place still sat on my kitchen shelves!

And hanging on my wall is this;

Very small hand print from a five year old daughter.

A very fitting poem for that age too!
I can still remember the day she brought this home. So excited that she could get her hands soo messy and green! Bless and very eager to tell me that this was so special because she would never be this small again. Ever since it has hung on my wall and makes me smile when ever I look at it.

One of the nicest presents I had in resent years were these that I received for last mothers day;

All sketched by my youngest  

And her own idea to do.

I actually shed a tear when she gave them to me.
Especially when I saw the hand print and the note that accompanies it;

So when you think of what to get your mom this Sunday remember that the best thing and most precious thing in the entire world to them is you!

So my advice?

Write them a letter telling them how much they mean, note down memories that make you smile after all these years but above all give them your time, love and hugs.

So a little early I know,

Happy Mothers Day in advance.

X x 

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dear Me, A letter to my 16 year old self

Now first the shoes of the day.

The feet are starting to heal nicely so today I have been wearing these:

Shoes - Ebay

Black New Look leather heeled brogues

It's fab to be back into heels!

Now to Dear Me;

My daughters brought me this book a while ago and it made me chuckle so much as I read it!

Image from Amazon

It also made my 40 year old self think;

 "What would I now tell that young 16 year old girl?"

So heres my letter:

"Now listen you!

 Life isn't as bad as you think! Stop panicking about how disappointed your family will be, because they will support you no matter what.

 Don't be in such a rush to leave home and grow up, it's not quite as glamorous as you think.

And most definitely don't waste the best years of your life with a grade A arse! You are worth so much more.

That skinny figure that you hate, is the envy of many, embrace it and dress as you want. Don't be a follower but lead by example, don't be afraid to stand out.

As the years will pass the people who drive you crazy now will not be around to do just that. Tell them how much you love them at every opportunity you get, hug them, kiss them and enjoy every second of company they allow.

Just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to like them.
Believe it or not you will meet many people who could be Mr Right, but only one of them will stick with you through thick and thin. Trust your instincts as you will know which one he is.

Your family will be the best achievement you will have. Beautiful and talented. Enjoy every second of them they will grow into stunning young beauties flying the coup all too quickly.

But overall enjoy life. Lust after nothing, enjoy the simple things, regret nothing and create as many memories as you can.

Keep smiling it confuses people.

Much love your 40 year old self.
X x  "

So my dear friends what would you tell your 16 year old self?

For some of you it may only have been a few years back, for others like me it will have been many more.

I'm looking forward to hearing what advice you would give yourself.

X x

You Try, You Buy!

(By now you know the drill)
Before the post comes the shoes of the day;

Shoes - New Look

Again a year old and have been seen on the blog before.
Thick tights to diguise the blister plasters!

Now back to:

"You Try, You Buy!"

Question 1
Do you end up buying everything you try on?

Question 2
Are you a must but it right now?

Question 3
Or do you walk away until you are convinced that's the item you want?

Question 4
Or are you a buy, retry, regret and take backer?

I would say that I am more a number 3 nowadays but can still be a number 4 on occasion.

Everything I buy I try to envision in my wardrobe amongst my mix and match attire.

That wasn't always the case, I would have a new outfit for every occasion, the pub, meal,shopping. Crazy but true! Now I have realised the bank balance will not allow it, even for my shoe habbit1 (Darn it!) But I have bills to pay and they must take priority.

What I do enjoy though is window shopping. Getting ideas as to what goes together and what is on trend. Then I can use what I have already in my wardrobe and with a bit of luck recreate them.
Saves a few pennies I can tell you!

I still have my wish list, as many of you do and here are a few items I have been lusting after;

Dorothy Perkins Shrug

I can see this teaming lovely with my skinning jeans and a plain vest top.

ASOS powertrip suede toe and perspex heel shoe
Need I have a reason? They are lush.

River Island denim skirt
If only I could sew! I'm sure this would be fairly easy to make.
So please, share with me your shopping habits the perhaps I won't feel quite so bad!

X x

Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday Morning = Very Sore Feet!

I have very sore feet!

I have walked the pavements of London, the halls of galleries and tottered in and out of the theatre and my poor feet have felt the strain. I have not one, not two, not three but four huge blisters.

No I didn't wear silly shoes, infect I wore a pair that fit like a glove but for what ever reason they suffered. The result is feet like this:

(Sorry if I have grossed you out!)
They are very sore. 

However even with painful feet I enjoyed London as much as ever.

It was very eventful.
We had a lovely stroll around Hyde park.

and watched a fabulous sunset.

On Saturday we were caught in the protests and to be fair to all, they were very civil, you could see who the trouble makers were and the police were out in force to try and stop them as best as they could.

It made me chuckle that they used a quote from Father Ted!

Some of them had some fab outfits

We still managed a bit of shopping, visiting my favourite shop Liberty's.

Display inside the store.

A random elephant and I.

Also visiting the National Gallery.

and on the evening we went to see The Hurly Burly Show.

It was fantastic, Polly Rae is stunning.

Sunday we visited the Tate Britain before traveling home. 

Due to my poorly feet the shoe ban was lifted and I had these as the soles were nicely padded.

Shoes from Next

Foot glove soles

 The rest of Sunday was spent in these,

Clarks flip flops years old

As for today, luckily I only had one meeting at 7am this morning so managed to get away with flats,

Next ballerina shoes purchased last year from Gatwick airport.

However tomorrow I have a training session to take so the heels will be on.
(time to find out the blister plasters I think!)
How was your weekend?

X x

Thank you Lisa-Jane

May I just thank Lisa-Jane of The Brunette Diarys for the award below.

In order to except it have to tag three blogs with under 300 followers so I tag;

Love to all

X x x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

A night of fun brings out the summer in me!

I thought I would share with you an outfit I wore for a night out.

But of course before I can I need to share the shoes of the day other than the pair below.

Primark shoes adapted for me by my daughter as a gift.

You have seen these on an earlier post so it's a repeat photo I'm afraid, sorry!

What beautiful weather we have been having.

And as the sun has been shinning it helped me chose my outfit for a drink with the girlies.

Top - Topshop, Shorts - Dorothy Perkins.

I love this top.
It ouse's summer with its flowery pattern, but the back is my favourite part.

Plays havoc with the bra situation though!
Thank god for stick on versions eh!

Shoes - New Look.

By the end of the evening I was more this distance from the floor!

Dam that wine!

I must confess, I did put tights on before I went out.
I don't think the world is ready for my pasty legs just yet, well that and it is still a little chilly!

Roll on summer.

X x x