Thursday, 31 May 2012

And Again Please.....

Today involve more of the same.

Lots of filming, doing the same thing over and over again from multiple angles.

A long, long, day.

But I am sure it will be worth it in the end, at least I hope so.

Today as we were out in the sunshine rain speaking to customers I had to be suited and booted.
(Far too muggy and damp for corporate attire I can tell you!)

So how pleased was I to be able to change, unfortunately today it wasn't into this;

Top - Dorothy Perkins (years old)
Short - Peacocks (years old)
These were from the weekend when I lived in shorts.
(Come back sunshine!)

Flip flops - Clarks (almost 16 years old!)

I'd like to say that wasn't cellulite but I would be oh so fibbing

Cool and relaxed rather than tight and stuffy.

Today I am sat in pjs after a warm shower and a yummy tea.

I am well and truly shattered now, as is Whiskas by the looks of it.

4am alarm calls are not good for anyone and in my humble opinion should be banned.

Night night all.

X x

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Short And Sweet.....

Now this title could be seen as misleading, as I am neither short nor sweet, but I refer more to my attire over the past weekend.

With this glorious weather I seem to have lived in nothing but shorts. (and a top of course)

Here's proof;
(if you are of a sensitive nature look away now)

Top - Dorothy Perkins (years old)
Shorts - River Island (years old)

Cool and comfort has been the order of the day.

Most days I have returned from the allotment covered in dirt and achy,

Sunglasses - Raybans (40th birthday gift)

but pleased with the hard work we have put in too.

As for the rest of this week, well yet again it's a busy one with not only filming, but dead lines approaching faster than I would like.

So if it all goes quiet on the western front, panic not, it's just that I am bogged down with work.

X x

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lights, Camera, Action.....

(Normal happy service resumes once more)

Yes its filming time..

I now have almost a solid week of filming to do.
Not me personally, thankfully.  Although I wouldn't mind the wages of some of the top actresses.

I am more behind the camera, ensuring that I am happy with the shots and that all the content is correct.

You see part of the launch for a new products in store involves selling it in to the team members and I have to write this as well as complete a training DVD too.

This means very long days and very achy feet. 

 (By midday the heels are off and on go the flats)

Luckily this also means I can wear what ever I like, hence my outfit today consisting of this;

Dress - H&M
Belt - H&M
Shoes - Primark

Excuse the squinty look it was very sunny first thing!

Incredibly patriotic I think, even though this wasn't my intention when I chose it.
(It also shows why I need to loose a few pounds too!)

Talking of patriotic, what are you up to for the jubilee?

And street parties going on?

We have an allotment party, such party animals I know!

X x

Some People Get Me Sooo Mad!!!!!

You know how I said I was rather chilled after my holiday?

Well not anymore.

Heres my tale from yesterday;

On my way home I popped into our local newsagent/post office to post a few parcels.  As I walked in I saw a male flying over the counter, yelling at the woman and young lad behind said counter and grabbing cigarettes.  My first reaction was to yell "What the f**k do you thing your doing!"  However the other people in the shop, which must have been around 10 people, did nothing.

Now I had a quandary.  I could either try to physically move the nasty man, (replace nasty man with any word you see fit, I most certainly didn't call him any thing so polite!) not too wise a thing to do. Or do nothing.

I dialled 999 instantly and raised the alarm to the police. (This turned out to be quite a joke as they transferred me to another police station, then told me I was at the wrong one and made me redial another number! Thank god no one got hurt in the mean time)

The nasty man left the store, slamming money for the cigarettes on the counter and everyone else acted as if nothing had happened.

Now I know that people get scared, especially when it could be someone who lives in the same street as you perhaps, but it made me wonder about when my daughter got mugged, was that the reaction she had from passers by?  

As I was checking the manageress was ok, (Would you believe it was her first day!?) she explained it was all because he couldn't prove he was over 25, which is the store policy.

And more shocking than ever he then came back in!

He had added another tracksuit and hoody over his original one, (No officer I'm not dodgy at all!) in the blazing heat.  Telling the manageress she should have just give him what he wanted and now she should sell him a lighter!  Honestly the balls of some folk.

As far as he was concerned his behaviour was justified, the fact that it scared the crap out of someone really didn't matter.

It really begs the question, what sort of animals are some people raising today?

Who would honestly condone such behaviour?

And how many people would walk by if someone was in trouble?

Ok rant over.

Normal service will resume later.

X x

Monday, 28 May 2012

Home Sweet Home!

I'm back!

A little red but very chilled.

Or should I say I was..

After a glorious week of good weather, great company and amazing views, we returned to find out or greenhouse had been smashed.

Luckily it was only 4 panes, so it could have been worse.

Which means the past two days have been spent either at the allotment or tidying the garden.
(The ironing pile grows larger by the day!)

So just to jog the memory that we did go away heres a few photos from our week.

Deer at Dyrham

Cute duck collecting for charity in Barnstable

I always wanted to be a fairy, not a cross one though!

Woods during a walk around Hartland Key

Views across Hartland Key

Views across Hartland Key

Views across Hartland Key

Views across Hartland Key

Views across Hartland Key

Views across Hartland Key

Beautiful Waterfalls

A calm and beautiful sight

X x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Today we visited another national trust property.
Definitely getting our moneys worth this week!

This one is Lanhydrock.

X x

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sandy Mouth

We ventured off to Sandy Mouth yesterday evening.

Not at all sandy mind!

 A tad misleading one might say.

 It was lovely though,

But rather windy.

X x