Friday, 30 September 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Blimey is it really Friday already?

Flip me that week went by fast.

Heres my high and low lights of the speedy week;

The Good
Great Weather

This beautiful weather has to be in the good doesn't it?
Who would believe that it is October tomorrow?

Kind Gifts

Not only physical gifts like my new bag but the gift of lifts and time that people have been so kind with.

The Bad
Being Sooo Busy!

This week has been a crazy one and to be fair I am feeling it today!

The Ugly
Missing Trains And Train Delays!

I sooo miss not being able to drive.
It has made my days and journeys so long

It didn't help this week that I missed one of my trains as a meeting ran over and on another journey a train was running late causing me to nearly miss the next!
(which when a journey includes 3 changes would have been a nightmare!)

As for this weekend, I shall possibly go to a national trust property, enjoy my families company and bask in this good weather. (if it lasts)

How has your week been?
What are your weekend plans?

X x 

Thursday, 29 September 2011

And They Say Romance Is Dead!

Imagine if you will two people snuggled up on the sofa, under a blanket watching telly.

The cycling is on and a cyclist is getting his bike repaired by the support car.

The commentator says " Out comes the magic spanner!"

To which my hubby kisses me on the head and says;

"Your my magic spanner!"

No wonder he pulled such a stunner as me eh!

X x

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Special Gifts

As you know my handbag (that I loved!) got stolen from my car along with my laptop.

Hubby bless him, decided to cheer me up by buying me a replacement and to be fair the boy did good!

It fits in all of my paperwork, Filofax, perfume, lippy, wipes, tissues, purse, phone and iPad (which is the only way I can make notes at the mo) It will even fit in my laptop too.

Of course you can't have a new bag with out a new purse and again it was a great choice.

What a great gift.

X x

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mexico The Final

As you may all be a little sick of seeing Mexico photos I promise this will be my last post on it!

I just had to share my photos from our trips to XPlor and a Tulum.

XPlor is great adventure play ground for all ages having 2 different zip wire course, 2 amphibious circuits, 2 rafting circuits and a stalagmite swim also.

For anyone going to Mexico I would say this was a must do. 

 This giant heart beats, you can feel it as well as hearing it.
It always brings you back to the centre (heart!) of the park!

Thats Ash on the right and me on the left.

It was such good fun on the water landings as you sat in mini hammocks.

Ash splashing down.

That splash in the back ground is me!
 The zip wires were incredible and I don't like heights! They were so high over the park that the view was fantastic. Very scary stepping on to the edge ready to fly off!

A very scary looking me! It's actually kind of freaky as you swim through the caves and see bats flying around.

You can see how tight it was in areas.

Some parts reminded me of decent, if any one has seen that film.

Ash and I

Don't we look special in our hats!
 The caves were incredible. Very atmospheric as they were lit up so gently.
It was a little freaky as the bats flew around.
A very dark rafting picture.
Rafting was hard work! Not in itself but more due to the other people trying to knock you out of the way!
I found a great way round this and stayed at the very back of the group.

Andy driving over a scary rope bridge.
I love how you can see the reflection of me taking the picture in the rear view mirror.

My turn driving through a water fall.
(I didn't like to tell them that I closed eyes!)
 XPlor with out a doubt was one of the highlights of our holiday.
A real family adventure day.

My first tip if you go is take swim shoes with you.
We had shoegate, as Ashleighs swim shoe came off as she hit the water on one of the water landings on the zip wire. She got it back though.

And my second would be cover up. Not only with tshirts but think about your swim wear too.
We has what my family now call Bikini gate! Lets just say that as you are very safe and secure in your harness to do the zip wires your bikini bottoms, if not skin tight may move! As you fly through the air legs akimbo you may find yourself flashing what you don't wish to flash! Ash is scared for life, whilst any found it highly amusing. (god I hope nothing appears on you tube!)

The second trip to share was to the ruins of Tulum. 
One of the most beautiful places I have seen.

I wouldn't want to be thrown down those steps!

It really is picture postcard beautiful.

Even the iguanas loved the place.

The beach was just incredible.

Look at the colour of the sea.

A perfect cliff top to pose for a picture.

This is the way all sight seeing should be done in my opinion!
Such a stunning place. Much less crowded that Chichen Itza but just as beautiful. Plus you get to swim and sunbath on the gorgeous beach.  A great way to cool down after sight seeing in such a heat.

I can truly understand why my two fell helplessly in love with Mexico.

X x

Monday, 26 September 2011

Another Busy Week

Yep the week ahead is definitely one of those.

A two day course on Innovation and Creativity covers Monday and Tuesday.

Staying at the Premier Inn
And whilst I am looking forward to it, I am not looking forward to staying away from home because of my broken wrist. It makes packing outfits a nightmare, what can I do up, pull up etc.  It's not like I can go asking for help to dress or undress! Luckily I have a lift to the venue but will have to catch the train back so I also have to think about carrying things one handed too.

Another meeting in Barnsley Wednesday. 
I don't have a clue where I am going!
Miles away from me and a three train journey to get there.

Yet another meeting Thursday in Gloucester,
The Beautiful Cathedral 
But thankfully I shall have a lift to and from the venue.

As for Friday I am getting my wrist X-rayed. 

To ensure all is well and having an admin day in preparation for the following week. 

Hope your week is a little calmer than mine.

X x
I feel shattered just talking about it.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Scruffy Sunday!

Sunday is a day of rest in our house.

I did not go to church, (sorry) as a lie in was called for.
Nor are we going on any brisk walks up large hills, as I am a little nervous coming down them whilst my wrist is healing. 

Instead we are chilling, well I am anyway!

Hubby shall be cooking for all the family as it's our turn for lunch this week.
(so it may all become a little stressful later)

As I am not leaving the comfort of my own home my outfit is this,
Top - Thrifted
Shorts - Top shop 

The house is toasty and I am so comfy.

As for my choice of footwear well!
Super comfy slippers.
 While they may not be everyones cup of tea,

 they are oh so soft and comfy.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday to.

X x

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Outfit For Chilling

I woke up this morning with a sticky eye.

I think it is due to a broken contact lens, at least I hope it is.
If it turns out to be conjunctivitis I am screwed, as hubby is allergic to the treatment.

Any hoo, as I have a day just chilling I decided on this to be my outfit.

A really comfy dress.

A flowing dress from Primark.

It will be great for the winter with layers too.

I love the sleeves, which also cover up my plaster nicely too.

I look like I am about to spring into a Russian dance!

Not very practical mind!

Well it's not like I can do any chores is it.

Excuse the no make up look, but I needed to keep my make up safe incase I have got a manky eye!

And simple shoes to finish the outfit off.
Please excuse the chipped nail varnish and healing bite on my leg!

What are you or have you been unto this weekend?

X x

Friday, 23 September 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Firstly let me apologise for the sporadic posting this week.

It has been a very busy one and I must admit that with a painful wrist and been doped on pain killers has somewhat dampened my spirts a little.  Because of this it has been nice to read all of your blogs rather than sound a little like "woe is me" by posting on my own.

That said normal service should all been well return next week.

Back to this week, well heres my high and low lights of the week.

The Good
Hubby for cooking and cleaning.

Ashleigh for  cooking, making me laugh, helping with girly stuff and even tidying her room!

Kassie for keeping my spirits up, doing all my ironing for me and even ferrying me round like I used to for her all those years ago.

Again they have been my back bone this week, helping with the tasks we all take for granted, picking me up when I've felt down and giving me a good old talking to it thats been whats needed!

Winning an award
Still an achievement I am very proud of.

Can't believe this picture was projected onto a massive screen for all to see!

We had our Christmas conference at work this week,in which we find out how the company is doing as well as the game plan for Christmas to. At these conferences we hand out awards to people for excelling the company values as well as managing above and beyond with sales figures.

At this one both Andy and I were called up to receive an award for one of the values, Showing We Care.(including a bottle of champagne too!)
This came about due to the facts we organised the Three Peaks challenge in aid of Age UK raising over £4,000 to which the company will match pound for pound.

I have to admit to being really proud as well as a little special, (and not in a good way!) as I had to walk up with my arm in a sling!
I can complete climbing three of the UK's biggest mountains with out injury and brake my arm falling out the door!

The Bad
Painful Wrist
Looking a little more worn now!
I stupidly thought that by now my wrist would be feeling so much better and thats just not the case!
I am still having to take the pain killers and I am also due to go for another scan in order to check it is healing correctly.

Feeling useless

Whilst everyone has been so helpful to me I feel like a toddler all over again!
I have been very resourceful for example taking my iPad in order to make notes at meetings, (clever eh!) as I can't write. But it's still annoying having to ask someone to open your bottle of water or sandwiches for you!

The Ugly
Removing people from your seat

Now this might sound like a strange one but as I have wanted to still get as much of my work done as possible rather than being off for 6 weeks, (crazy I know!) I have been catching trains to the majority of my meetings. Most of these meetings are miles away and include a 2 hour,3 hour or even an longer journey to reach my destination.  Because of this I have been pre booking train tickets in order to get a seat to get pc work done in preparation. On my last train journey after I had paid £40 for my ticket the car was full with peoples even standing in the isles.  After locating my seat, in which a rather stern looking lady was sat I very politely told her that I believed that was my seat. Her reply was "and? Someone else was I'm mine to!" Now I was in pain after my wrist being knocked by commuters and not really in the mood to have to justify why I required my seat, neither did I feel I should have to. My reply was a simple " well I'd like mine thank you"
Oh my life, she made such a scene, huffing puffing swearing. As for me, I was very calm and polite. The funny thing was she then went and threw the person out of her seat and prompt got off the train at the next station after all of 10 minutes tops.  If I had been traveling one station down I truly wouldn't have had an issue and while the situation made me laugh it also made me a little disappointed in peoples behaviours too!

(Blimey that was rather wordy wasn't it!)

Well thats been my week.

Hows yours been?

X x

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mexico Part 2

In order to put a big smile back on my face I though I would share more of my Mexico photos with you.

These are a few photos of the Cenote that we visited.

The happy hubby and I.
Please excuse the bellies!
These are from our visit to Chechen Itza.

Mexico really is a very beautiful place.

X x