Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Very Last Outfit Of 2013...

Bye Bye 2013.
On the very last day of 2013 I wore two outfits, flash I know!

A work outfit and a play outfit, neither of which I took a photo of either!

So as I welcome 2014 in with open arms and a few nervous butterflies due to many unanswered questions.
(What will my job be? Do I need to get a new car? Mine is tied in with my current job!)

I look back at the first half of 2013 and the adventures we had.

January 2013

The hair got its new year cut and we visited London in all the snow.

February 2013

I had a caravan and celebrated my 42nd birthday in it!

We had a little garden damage.

I kept warm in thick tights.

We moved allotment pithes.

March 2013

Kassie purchased their first home.

And I enjoyed being a red head.

April 2013

My job was changed, not my decision but at least I was lucky enough to have a job.
Stressful times.

May 2013

A hospital visit for rather a lot of blood and a holiday to recoup in France for Andy's birthday.

June 2013

I was a very proud mom at Kassies fashion show.

I grew lots of things both at home and at the lottie.

I had a beautiful bike.

Went a little too red maybe?

We spent a lovely long weekend in the caravan.

Did we really fit so much in to just 6 months?
How nice to look back at what we did.

X x

Monday, 30 December 2013

It's that time of year to reflect on the past twelve months.

The time when we all make new resolutions and forget all bout the ones we had last year.

Well here were mine and an update on how I did overall:

  • To blog at least every other day. I kind of petered off a little this year. Due to ill health and a very busy work schedule this one obviously didn't happen, but I can always aim for next year.
  • Try to take outfit photos more often. I took them when I could so happier with this one.
  • Meet more fellow bloggers. Anyone else up for this? Fail
  • To continue to meal plan and cook from scratch Worked like a treat. Nothing beats a good home cooked meal.
  • Set a better routine for housework I had a much better routine this year and a cleaner neater home too.
  • Tackle the ironing more frequently. I HATE ironing. I still hate ironing but at least the pile isn't quite as bad as it used to be, big tick for this one.
  • De-clutter often. Little and often, added to the bank balance as well.
  • Continue with "the plan". Its worked well for 2012. Well on track even after a rather large spend from our savings due to new heating and doors and window. We shall keep on track 2014 to continue this.
  • eBay more. (de-cluttering will help with this) I used this much more the later part of the year.
  • Try to earn an extra £5 per day, I'd like to say £10 but I feel this may be pushing it a little. Not quite the amount I would have hoped but 2014 will see me try this again.
  • List NSP and frugal and free more often as a reminder how well you can do. (blog) I had many but bloged very few.
  • No new clothes unless needed or gifts Big Tick for this one.
  • Exercise more Rubbish on this one. 
  • Loose weight. I have a wedding to attend in July and want to be back to my normal size for then. Again a fail in this area. Lack of commitment on my part.
  • Paint my nails weekly. A small thing but one that cheers me up. Amazing I did this one.
  • Wear my heels. No more flat shoes unless necessary! I wore them much more than last year so again a tick.
  • Try my hand a sewing Yes, Cushions made and a quilt for Ashleighs 18th. 

So to be honest a mix bag of ticks and crosses.
2013 was a funny old year.
Roll on 2014!

X x

Friday, 27 December 2013

Creating Memories...

I love Christmas, spending time with the family and having a good giggle.

And this Christmas was a fabulous one.

With 10 of us to cook for it could have been quite stressful but it was far from it.

A great time was had by all of us, with Kassie's gifts of Nerf guns creating quite a buzz.

I don't think I have laughed so much in such a long time.
X x

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Chilled Out Sunday...

It might be the Sunday before Christmas but I intend to have a chill day.

Yes I still have a load to do.
Including more shopping, both food and gifts, masses of wrapping and baking.

But all shall be done in my own time.

I still have work for a day after working yesterday, then its 3 whole days off.
(If only it was weeks)

Hope your all ready for Christmas.


X x

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Shang - A - Lang........

I alway have a feeling of bay city rollers when I wear tartan and the funny thing is I wasn't even old enough to really remember them, I just know my sister adored them.

Plus she had the funkiest scarf ever!

This is what I wore for a lunch time work meal.

It was lovely to catch up with people and wish them well for Christmas and New Year.

I still have two full days of work left before I chill for a few days, then straight back to the mad house.

Oh well.

X x

Friday, 20 December 2013

Turn The Other Cheek...

Gosh will someone please pass the wine, it's been very stressful day!

Yep today was "I' day (thats interview day for anyone who doesn't speak Trayci)

From 9am until 4.30 I was grilled, questioned and put into group sessions and I am now, well and truly pooped.

A flushed face after an intense day.
Interview outfit: post trauma.
Dress - Debenhams
Shoes New Look

Was it worth it?
Who knows!

A story of two halves.
The other side of my dress.

But I shall most definitely be sitting down with a (Very) large glass of wine this evening I can tell you.

Cheers all.

X x

Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Laugh A Minute And A Great Cause Too

Last week in Wolverhampton Sarah Millican was appearing at the civic centre.
And as she is a supporter of Macmillan, our supported charity from hubbys work, both Hubby and I went to do our bit to support the charity and collect some well needed money for them.

The support shown was amazing, with many people digging deep to give not only change but notes too.

We started with empty buckets and by the end of the evening they were really heavy to lift.
I can't thank everyone enough for giving so generously.

We even got to see the show, a nice surprise to say the least.
And she was soooo funny.
I can't recommend her show enough.

X x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dance Baby, Dance! Just Dance 2014....

Now anyone that knows my hubby will know he has no rhythm at all.
So the events in our house a week ago were soo funny.

We held a Just Dance 2014 party.
Although when we received the pack I wasn't sure anything would be in working order, due to a few leaking bottles of pop.

Thankfully other than a ripped disintegrated poster, soaked badges and soggy cakes the rest was ok.

So my motley crew all enjoyed having a dance or two.
Which was historical in itself.

I think they loved the masks a little too much, they kept turning up in them over the next few days as well, a little scary when you open the front door to see that, I can tell you.

X x

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy....

The past week seems to have flown by, filled with Christmas Parties, activities and general day to day stuff.

Work has been incredibly  busy and would you believe I have an interview on Thursday?
A whole day one! Not the best thing just before Christmas.

As for the nice things we have been up to, well I shall update you over the next few days or so.

For now here is the second of the festive cushions I have made.

I am very proud of them considering I struggle to sew a button on.

Hope you are all ready for next week, I am still getting gifts.

X x

Friday, 13 December 2013

The Ultimate De-Clutter.....

Now I am sure that every home has some corner of it, be it the garage, shed or spare room full of clutter.

In ours we have lots!
But my mission was to remove it all, or as much as possible, by Christmas.
Not only would it make our house so much neater but also make our bank balance a little healthier too.
(which after the the cost of last few weeks, can only be a good thing)

I had bags and bags of clothing to get shut of as well as all other sorts of stuff.
(Plus our loft is full of junk things to sell/chuck)

And even ashleigh tidied out her pit room and had two ikea bags full too!

Honestly when I looked at all of it I was worried we've all become hoarders!

eBay has be used as the main way of getting rid of most of the clutter and I am glad to say it has made us a nice amount of money back too

Now I just have a dining table and bed to get shut of before the new replacements arrive.

It really is never ending!

X x

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho.....

Today saw me at yet another meal (yes, I will be the size of a house at this rate!) with one of the departments I work with.

We were all told we had to wear something with a Christmas theme, 

so out came the Christmas T-shirt.

No tea for me tonight!

X x

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Reworking It..... Black & Blue...

For a day spent in and out of the car for visits, today saw me turning to an a comfy favourite.

Black & Blue..

Thankfully just the outfit not me!

X x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Weekend Of Parties.....

Yes the festive season really is here and last weekend saw me enjoying three (yes three!) festive parties.

One was (one of) my works Christmas parties the other two events with family and friends.
So in preparation it was time for the yeti eyebrows to be sorted:
From this:

To this:

And a party dress to be chosen:

Oh decisions, decisions!

All three were worn on different nights and here are just a few photos from an evening out with my mom, sister and nieces.

Hope you have all been enjoying a festive evening or two.

X x