Tuesday, 30 October 2012

AWOL Again!

I didn't mean to go awol again honest!

Its just that Ash hasn't been at all well and we even had to go back to hospital, which was far from nice for her.

But thankfully all is back to normal now. (well as normal as we are!)

Ash is resting and enjoying being pampered, whilst Andy and I try to get back to our normal work routine. 

Which has been hard due to the dark mornings and chilly weather.

Today has called for layers.
Top - New look (thrifted)
Dress - George years old

However today the sun is shining, even if it is freezing and tonight I hope to catch up with friends for a well needed giggle or two.

X x

Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Working day In London.... Honest!

Yesterday my job included escorting team members around shops in London.
(well its a hard life and someone has to do it!)

M&M shop.

And to be honest it is actually tougher than it sounds.
(we even have to risk assess it. lol)

Love the Abbey road scene.

And last night on my Jack Jones as I need to do a London store visit today on route home.

Night cap and treat.

Then its back to (not so) little one and hubby.

Can't wait.

X x

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

All You Need Is Love....

Just a quickie, as they say as I am just about to leave to head to London for work and will be away from home for the next few days.

(Boo Hoo)

However Andy will pamper Ashleigh and make sure she's ok and the eldest will pop in too.

Just wanted to share a picture of our silly cat.

When ever your feeling low, unwell or just fed up he knows and gives you a fuss.

And thats exactly what he did when my eldest popped in after a horrid day at work.

After a Whiskas hug and a little mommy love all seemed happier in the world and she left  with a different outlook.

If only every thing could be fixed that way.

X x

Monday, 22 October 2012

Baddesley Clinton....

A week or so ago Andy and I ventured out to Baddesley Clinton.

A lovely National Trust property.

The weather was meant to be nice all day however being british weather it didn't do quite what it was meant too.

But even so we had a lovely time.

We even managed to sit outside and eat our sandwiches with a hot flask of coffee, sheltered under a big tree from the rain.

We have seen so many beautiful properties and the annual pass has been worth every penny.

X x 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Things That Make You Giggle...

Before you read this post let me say a huge thank you for all your kind words for Ashleigh and the family.

She has had numerous hugs (gentle ones), all sent from you and I can't thank you enough.

So I'm sending you all huge hugs back.
(Big bear hug ones to say thank you.)

On to the actual post!

Such a simple thing as trying on hubbies motorbike helmet;

Made us all giggle like silly things.

Ash, completely fogged up!

You know what they say?

Thats better!

Simple things, please simple minds.

And now my Top Gun Pose!

But at least these simple minds are very happy!

And to see a beaming smile on Ashleigh's face after the week she's had was worth its weight in gold.

X x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Home Safe And Sound...

Thank you so much for all your concern.

Ashleigh is now home safe and sound after quite a traumatic day.

We arrived at the hospital early in the morning but didn't actually see her going to theatre until after 2pm.

She was very brave as I gave her kiss, told her I loved her and watched as she was wheeled off to theatre.

Even then she was making the nurses laugh as she said she felt like Aladdin on his magic carpet as she sat bolt upright crossed legged being wheeled away.

After what seemed like a lifetime (2 hour 45 mins) she was returned to the heart ward as she came around more.

It transpired that they had trouble getting the wire through the artery in her groin and as she had to be awake for the procedure they had to stop for a short time as she was in tears. Which means it must have been painful as she is a tough cookie is my Ashleigh. 

Finally they were able to get the wire in and got her heart almost to the level her palpitations get to, which is well over 280bpm.

The fault was found and they were able to burn and correct it.

She spent 2 hours flat on her back and 2 hours sat in bed before finally being allowed home at around 10.30 last night.

Even in hospital you can't keep a teenager off her phone! 

I must admit she looked awful when we came away, worse them she looked when she first came round.

But thankfully she is now looking much better.

Other than a very tight chest and a sore leg that is.

No school until Monday now, just lots of rest and mommy love 

X x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Say A Little Prayer For Ash..

Today my little girl goes in for her heart operation.

And she is terrified poor thing.

I can't do it for her as much as I want too.

And I am acting all confident and like a pillar of strength.

Yet inside I am quivering like a jelly!

Hopefully, all will go well and she will be home asap.

X x 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

And Finally An Update!

So sorry to have been  awol but life has just been hectic!

So firstly I must update you on the long awaited news.


I think the picture says it much better than words can;

Notice the sparkly ring?

Yes we had a proposal in the family!

The happy couple.

Shaun propposed to Kassie on 6th October.

Can you tell they were very happy?

Many giggles were heard.

And much smiling done.

She was so so happy.

Shaun chose the ring himself.

And very lovely it was too.

Many tears, all of joy I might add were shed.

The look of shock on Kassie's face, bless.

He even came and asked for our permission to ask for her hand in marriage the Sunday prior.
(So lovely)

The two sets of families.

We shan't be having wedding for a few years as they are just in the process of buying a property.

My two beautiful girls.

And the family photo.

I still don't think she has come down from cloud 9 yet, bless her.

X x