Sunday, 30 June 2013

Just a Chill-in.......

Saturdays are a peaceful day in my home.

That is if everyone else is out!

The newest addition to the family.
A fathers day gift from the eldest.
Andy hates gnomes.

And yesterday was fab,

I tatted around the house, when I should have been doing all the housework, ironing etc.

A yummy sandwich in the sunshine

But I did do the washing and hoovering.
(Not much else mind)

Excuse the washing.
And the ultra red hair!
My fabulous camper van Tshirt
Relaxing and taking the weight off my feet.

And I enjoyed a calm lunch in the garden sat on the decking reading my caravan magazine.
(I really am getting old!)

Tshirt - Vanfest last year
Jeans - ASOS
Pumps - Next (years old)

X x

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ooooo Cheeky!!

Last night was a night out with the girlies.

And talk about a giggle.

Seeing as one of the ladies was actually working we all went to her rather than her miss out.

And the first thing we saw was this:

Oh my.
I immediately texted my hubby a picture and told him I had found him a new outfit!

It was such a funny night, especially with semi naked butlers.
But if its all the same I would much rather he has clothes in.

My daughters faces were pictures.

But they did enjoy sampling the Champagne and strawberries though.

X x

Friday, 28 June 2013

Four Down, Two To Go....

On returning from our break we found these....

Yes new fence panels had been erected by our neighbours.

I can't tell you what a relief it is they are up.
It used to worry me sick when the little lad was out in the garden as our pod is very deep!

Now we only have two to replace.

And being the frugal gal I am I have asks it we could have the one decent panel that as replaced by next door, as this may well do a quick fix on the back of the garden.
(Well its worth a try surely?!)

And here are my lovely plants;

All growing really well and ready to be planted at the allotment.
I love to see things growing.

X x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Deeply Dippy....

Bet you looked as stylish as me in your wellies and skirt don't you?

Ok, may be not!
Especially with my lovely graze on my knee.
(dirty knees at that!)

After a weekend away the allotment has been growing fast.

And whilst thats a great thing it also means lots of work to do.

Yes we will be very busy every evening after work.

Oh well at least it keeps us out of mischief!

X x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Treasure I'd Forgotten.....

Whilst putting some of our winter clothes in the loft and having a tidy up I found a lovely little treasure I had completely forgotten about.

This beautiful umbrella;

Trust the sun to be shining on the day I found it, it was bucketing down the weekend. 

But never fear I shall be using this to protect me from the horrid weather that will be back before we know it. Unfortunately!
(I am working on the assumption that if you say it, the rain won't come.... Do you think it will work?)

So what did I wear on this sunny day?

Well this;

Nothing special but its comfy and relaxed.

X x

The Holy Grail For The Deathly Pale....


How do you cope with getting those white legs out in this glorious sunshine?

Do you:
A) Take no notice what so ever
B) Plaster on the fake tan
C) Book a course at the nearest sunbed centre
D)  Keep them covered

Well I am a bit of all of the above.

I have been showing off my pale, bruise and grazed legs.

Attempting to use the fake tan, even if it does make my hubby heave with the smell.

The sunbed course has been booked to get a base tan for our hols.
(don't scream at me, I do know its not good for your skin but I don't use them all the time)

And I have even embraced the maxi dress to give people a break from having to wear sunglasses whilst my legs are out.

Dress - Next (via eBay)
Sandals - BHS
Excuse the pale face, it was a make up free day!

I love the back of this rather plain dress.
Shame my butt looks huge though!

So what do you do? 

X x

Monday, 24 June 2013

The View From My Window......

Whilst the weather was pants this weekend.
In fact the rain poured down!

We had a lovely break doing absolutely nothing!

And our view was this:


Inside the van was avery different view.

A sleepy hubby!

X x

Friday, 21 June 2013

Away With The Fairies.....

Well not quite the fairies but Andy.
(and he is no fairy! lol)

With a bit of luck, what with work, weather and health
(yet another hospital visit was in order till silly o'clock in the morning!)
We shall be away in our little caravan for the weekend.

Lets hope this time its warm and sunny!

No where too far but far enough just to recharge or batteries.

Enjoy your weekend guys.

X x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

And The Grazes Just Keep Coming....

Over the past few months I really have become very clumsy and my poor legs seem to forever be on the receiving end of this.

And whilst I was two steps away from my front door down I went like a tun of bricks.
(And no hadn't had a drop of alcohol thank you)

The result of which is this:

See a resemblance to this one previously?

Exact same knee too.
I mean, its not even like I have any spare blood to loose.

Gone are the semi decent legs I used to have and in place are scarred ones!

Pass the bio oil please?! 

X x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Of To The Farm....

The funny farm that is!

Now twice a year one of my dear friends attends a catalogue launch for Ann Summers.

And the past few I have been roped into attending.

Now whatever you may think of the business, the launches they hold are actually very good and some of the new underwear  ranges are beautiful, be they a little expensive.

And each year it has a theme, this one was Booty Camp, hence this attire:

Whilst I felt incredibly silly (evidence that legging are never ever good attire for exiting the house in!) I did have a great time with a lovely bunch of ladies who were very welcoming.

But I must admit I was sooo glad to get changed out of this get up!

X x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Super Hero.....

Meet my super hero;

Not quite the Superman you know but most definitely my Superman.

This was his fathers day gift from me.

Very corny but one he loved.

X x

Meet Betsy....

My brand new bike:

I love it!

Its beautiful and blue;

And all the family love it too.

It has already been backwards and forwards to the allotments a few times.

The best early christmas present ever!

X x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Flares Have It....

Today I have relented and wore my flared jeans for the first time.

I was not a fan when I first tried them on but must admit they are sooo comfy its untrue.

And whilst they would have looked 10 times better with a pair of heels I just couldn't be bothered.

Sad I know.

X x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bursting With Pride....

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am really proud of my family.

Even when they are doing my nut in, which of course happens frequently.

And on Monday of this week we went to see Kassie's end of course fashion show.
And I was bursting with pride.

She has been working so hard on the pieces, even working through the night and not moving in to her new home properly, as she needed to concentrate on the task at hand.
(she is very lucky she has such a supportive boyfriend, he even went to five different towns to get all the shoes for the show)

And how proud was I to see her final work?!

It looked incredible.
As if it could be brought straight off the hanger in some designer boutique.

She had thought of every detail.
All the shoes matched, the choreography was so bespoke and the whole thing completely stood out.

She had thought of every detail.
All the shoes matched, the choreography was so bespoke and the whole thing completely stood out.

And whilst I might be a little (ok a lot) bias it really was the collection of the night.

The to add the cherry on the top on Wednesday she got her grades for the last 7 modules.
Distinction in every one!
A real sign that hard work really does pay off.

She now can't wait to begin at LCF in September.

And it was rare opportunity to get a group photos with all the girlies too.
(including my two nieces, my sister and my mom)

Well done Kassie.

X x