Saturday, 30 November 2013

Proud As Punch On Graduation Day....

Friday saw Kassie graduate and both Andy and I were the proudest parents ever.

(well thats how it felt anyway)

We are so lucky to have two beautiful and talented daughters.

X x

Friday, 29 November 2013

The Night That Was....

We celebrated Ashleigh's 18th birthday in the best possible way ever.
With family and those she loves around her.

Lots of great food, wine and champagne consumed.

She was over the moon with very gift she received, no matter how big or small.

And I am glad to say she loved her blanket.
Its been the talk of the family, which has made me smile.

Her sister even took her off to the pub on the evening to buy her first round of drinks.

Roll on the week end for yet more celebrations.

X x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

18 Years Old?....... Really?....

Where did the time go?

Today we celebrate Ashleigh's 18th Birthday.
Happy birthday babe.

 The house has been decorated and this morning she awoke to a pile of presents and a chorus of "Happy Birthday"

Tonight we have a house full of family to celebrate with her.
Take away, cakes and champagne.

I shall get the headache tablets ready for the morning!
She will be celebrating with a night out in town on Saturday with her friends and big sister.
And then a family meal on Sunday, just the six of us, at Marco Pierre Whites restaurant.

X x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Unique, Just Like You.....

As a special gift for my youngest for her 18th birthday this week I have made her a memory quilt out of all of the old T-shirts, shirts etc that I have from her childhood.

Many of them hold special memories, be it holidays, school days or just a certain time in her life.

The last time I did needle work was back at school making an apron for cooking I think.
So my eldest (who is very talented with a machine) has loaned me one of her sewing machines for me to have a go.

Now I know I could have very easily have paid for this to have been made, but the whole point of it is that its a special gift. One that even if its lopsided and wonky has been made with love.

A unique gift no one else has and one that should not only physically keep her warm but also make her warm from the memories too.

X x

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Philips Perfect Care Azur Ironing Party......

Yes you read it right, a week or so ago we had an Ironing party.
(pre hospital visits and flashing lights)

Along with a goody pack filled with manicure sets, nail varnish, shoe polish kits balloons and a fabulous blue scarf.
(a girls dream box!)

Now I hate ironing and I mean HATE it with a passion.
So anything that can make it less painful is a winner in my eyes.
(That is until non iron clothing is the norm)

I must admit to being sceptical that this wouldn't be as good as my steam generator but grabbed my pile of ironing and plugged in ready to go.

Not only did it heat up in supper speed time but the auto heat sensor worked a treat.
(I tried to fool it swopping jeans, Tshirts and shirts but the cleaver thing knew exactly what I was up to)
Plus the yellow and neon blue combo looked amazing!
(fickle moi?)

And in ten minutes my entire pile was completed.
Yes I was very impressed!

As for the ironing board, well the Philips Easy8 ironing board was perfect for me.
Just the right height with some great little touches.

Wings for ironing shirts, a holder to keep the wire out of the way and even a little pouch to hold your TV remote.
(yes it makes it more bearable to have a film on whilst I iron)

 A little test we were asked to do was to iron a balloon.
(Yes you read that right)

The heat sensor is so sensitive that you can actually iron the balloon and steam it with out it bursting.
(Do Not Try This at Home Folks!)

So would I recommend either of these products?
Yes most definitely.

The iron, whilst costly, is very effective.  My only negative is that it feels a little heavy to begin with.
And the ironing board is a favourite, so yes, yes, yes!

If you fancy treating yourself to a new iron then I have five half price vouchers to give away.
Simply leave me a message saying why you either love to loath ironing and I will let you know on Sunday who has won the vouchers.

X x

*Whilst the items were supplied for me to review the thoughts are all my own.
And honest feed back is always given.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Autumn Colours Shining Through...

Yesterday morning the sun was shining beautifully and the colours on the trees looked amazing.
So I wrapped up warm and ventured out for a walk.

Not too far, just down to the park for a casual walk around admiring the setting.

Peaceful and still, very easy to forget you are in a city.
We really are very lucky with fabulous parks and canals on our door step.

Then back in the warmth for a hot bowl of homemade soup and a film.

Just what the doctor ordered.

X x

Friday, 22 November 2013

It's Beginning To Smell a lot Like Christmas....

As I am house bound I have wanted to try and do something with my time.
(In between visitors bless em)

And as you know I hate waste, so when I saw that I had apple sauce left from the weekend roast and cinnamon in the cupboard I knew I could make some homemade tags to go on my Christmas gifts.

The whole house smelt divine with a fabulous smell of Christmas, yummy.

Whilst they are only tiny they will be the perfect addition to my Christmas gifts and an extra little something for the person to keep.

Of course the oven couldn't go on just for those, not very frugal at all if it did.

So a sponge cake was whipped up to, with the lovely eggs from our chucks.

Nothing better than a coffee and cake.

X x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Feeling Human?...... I Think I Just Might Be...

I wanted to open this blog post with "Drugs, don't you love em" But suddenly had a panic about how people may perceive it.

I of course mean painkillers prescribed by the doctor and nothing else.

Beautiful flowers from hubby.
My favourites.

After the medication from the hospital has worn off I have been in a wee bit of pain (ok a lot but I am a wuss!) and today feel a little more human.

The thought of driving the car however fills me with dread, as just finding a comfortable sitting position is a challenge.

Good grief I look like my mother!

No make up and messy hair, you see it as it is here I'm afraid.

Not too sure work will be too please if I am not back next week, but at the moment it is looking very unlikely.

Bright tights attempting to cover the awful but necessary pre op stockings.

I am still wearing my sexy pre-op stockings and even my eldest turned up with her white socks over her legging. It did make me smile, bless her.

I am itching to do stuff and am trying to find light things to keep me occupied.

X x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Freebie just For You....

Remember this give away?

Well the winner has being pulled and it is......

The lovely Sharron from Style At Every Age
(The most fantastic blog and if you've not visited it please do)

Congratulations hun.

X x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Home At Last...

Nothing beats getting home after being in hospital.

Thank you for all your thoughts and best wishes.
(hugs to you all)

I would like to say I am being well and truly pampered but my hubby (bless him) is rather pants at that.

Men eh!
Never mind.

I will back on my feet soon.

X x

Monday, 18 November 2013

Hospital Alert... Part Two....

As you are awarer I have been a little unwell on and off most of this year  (not that it stops me doing stuff!) and today sees me off to Hospital for a minor operation.

I can't say I am looking forward to it (who would?) but I know I will feel better after it.

I could cope with the no food as my appetite has been severely laking of late, even though my tummy looks as though I am six months pregnant!

Would you believe the worse thing was not being able to have a cup of tea first thing this morning?

Wish me luck and I will see you on the other side!

X x 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Christmas Table Wear.....

Firstly a huge that you for all your get well wishes and I promise I have been taking it easy, honest.
(hugs to all of you x )

Now in our home Christmas is a big thing, a time full of fun and memories to be made with the whole family.

As for Christmas day, well of course food plays a huge part.

And on a resent trip to Worcester with hubby he brought me these:

How cute are they?

We take it in turns with the inlays to host Christmas lunch and this years it's ours.

So I am now looking for other ideas for our Christmas table.

What traditions do you guys have?

As for me today well I am having a very relaxed day even though its our Sunday to cook.
Really not sure what the dinner will be like with hubby and Ash in control, but I am hoping they will do ok.
(Fingers crossed)

X x

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Thank You Febreze!..... And Super Savy Me...

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Flashing Blue Lights And Everything....

Last night, well very early hours of this morning I was rushed in to hospital in an ambulance no less!

Second time I have ever been in one (the first being a hospital transfer with my eldest daughter over 26 years ago) 
And hopefully it will be the last.

But I fib a little about the blue light, sorry.
Well kind of, whilst the lights were on, no siren was going.

Why was I admitted?

Violent stomach pain.
As in so bad I'm ashamed to admit I shed a tear.

Thankfully it wasn't the burst appendix they suspected.
Possibly a burst ovarian cyst.

Back to the hospital I go on Monday for a minor operation.

So I have been sleeping on the sofa for most of the day being pampered by my girls and my mom.

How is it moms make everything seem better?

And my very kind neighbours have provided us with our tea, a super curry.
I was touched by their thoughtfulness.

X x

Friday, 15 November 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...... And Don't Forget The Giveaway!

In a financial climate that is tough it makes sense for us all to use what we have before buying new.
 If we are in need something then to check second hand before buying new and always look to up cycle anything and every thing before disposing of it.

Now like lots of women I have lots of clothes.
Although the phrase "I have nothing to wear" might be muttered by these lips, I know that is far from true!

So as the weather cools I am using the opportunity to restyle a few dresses that are, shall we say far from their best.

And this is one of them:

An ASOS dress that has done me well over the years but as its made of a jersey material it has now started to bobble and the top part is now an off cream colour.

So layering saved the day.
On a popped a thrifted top;

Making a different outfit, as well as keeping me rather toasty too.

And I even wore a pair of my newly reheeled shoes.

Although I have no idea what happening with my face:

Yes its strange normally but at the moment I have a huge red mark.
Lets hope it disappears soon.

And in order to reduce food waste we are having yet more pumpkin for tea.

A pumpkin chilli followed by pumpkin pie.
I will let you know how the chilli turns out.

No doubt we shall be watching a little children in need this evening so I best locate the hankies!

X x 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hold The Press........ Shoe Alert!

Me and shoes eh?

The simple pleasures make me happy.

As I can't buy new pairs (frugality at its best, especially after the week we have had!) I try hard to look after the ones I have.
So this week saw me take five pairs in for repair.
(unfortunately one pair has gone to the cobblers in the sky as they were past repairing)

Flat - Debenhams - Strap had broken
Black and white heels - New Look - Heels re-tipped
Black heels - Next - Heels re-tipped
Brown shoes - River Island - Heels re-tipped

So I now have four pairs I can wear again,
And at a cost of only £12, in my book thats a bargain.

And remember these?

Well Debenhams change them for me and refunded the £4 they over charged me too.

However they really didn't seem to bothered that the shoes had been over laid with a higher price breaking the law.
(You can't say you weren't warned naughty people)

Now what can I wear all these lovely shoes with????

X x

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Thank You Febreze!..... And Super Savy Me...

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thank You Febreze!..... And Super Savy Me...

Who doesn't love a freebie?
And over the past few days I have been lucky enough to receive a few.
This one has been curtsy of Super Savy Me
I have received a pack of the new Febreze car air fresheners.
And I would like one of your to try it too.

I have to say they smell divine.

We have put a different fragrance in each car and I am yet to decide which one I like the best.

And I would like to give one of the samples to one of you guys to try.

Just leave me a comment and I will randomly pick one of you on Sunday to send it to.
So you too can have a wonderfully smelling car.

X x

Monday, 11 November 2013

Slipping Through Our Fingers.....

Happy Monday folks.
(Can you tell I am trying to convince myself that it really is one?!)

Yes another week is here and what a busy and expensive one it has started as.

Here in our house (which should be known as faulty towers at the moment) every thing is starting to die a death. (Thankfully that doesn't include any of the occupants, phew)

At the moment money feels to be slipping through our fingers at an alarming rate!

As you know our sofa broke and DFS came out to visit us.
The first thing they told us was that it needed to go back to the warehouse to be fixed and would be missing for there days.
The second thing they told us when I called (after not hearing a peep from them for two weeks) was they "do no such thing" and that they will need to come out (in a pair I might add) to see it again.

So Friday they arrived to inspect the sofa once more.
And the out come was......

A fixed sofa, almost as good as new!

So what else has broken?
Would you believe the front door?
I mean it's not exactly something you can do without really is it?

So first thing this morning we have had a man come to quote for a new front door, back door and garage window.
(much cheaper to get them done together and they are all in desperate need of replacing)

Then lastly is the good old boiler.
In one word its buggered! (sorry)

So it looks like a new one  is to be installed in the next week or so.

So money is well and truly slipping through our fingers like water.
Thankfully we had a good slush fund to pay for it all.

I am now praying that nothing else breaks.

X x

Let Us Always Remember....

X x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.....

Another week passes us bye.

But in the up side that means the weekend is now here.


So here are my high and low lights of the week.

The Good
Ashleigh Booking her driving test

Finally after what seems like an age she has booked her test.
And Olive will get the use she deserves.

Sisters united

As ash and her boyfriend had a week off they managed to go to spend a few days at Kassies Uni house.
It's real nice to know they get on so well and look out for each other.

The Bad
Still no news on my second interview!

Whilst I am over the moon about getting through to a second interview stage for a new job at work I hate waiting for another interview date to appear.

The Ugly

Other than me I can't really add anything to the ugly pile.

Hope you have had a good week.

X x

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Just Chillaxin....

Today has been as day of hovering, dusting, ironing and bad films.

And I have quite enjoyed myself.

No hubby as he's been at work and Ash and her boyfriend didn't surface till very late afternoon.

So all in all a very peaceful day.

As for tonight?

Well whilst hubby relaxing with X factor and a glass of wine, us girlies are out for a ladies night.

See you tomorrow
(hopefully minus a bad head!)

X x