Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Day In A Million..

Ok so not quite, but it is a special day as its the 29th February and they don't appear that often!

So how have you spent yours?

More importantly have any lovely ladies proposed?

Whilst I can't be doing that, hubby might have a thing or two to say if I do!
Mine has been mooching around Sheffield.

I have been working honest!

I was looking the customer service and how some of the stores deliver it.
(Hubby just thinks its an excuse to shop!)

Then it was such back to the midlands to take Ashleigh to a college drama audition.

One thing I have brought, but this was during the weekend was this,

The Take Away Secret Book.
A bargain at only 99p!
(The works had to at half price)

It has been a firm favourite on sites such as Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert site.
(and if you don't visits this site you really need to, its a must for anyone wanting to save a few pennies and be super frugal!)

We have cooked the chicken chow mein and it was super yummy!

I would very much recommend it.

X x

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Random Acts Of Kindness

The lovely Char hosted one of her famous swops and I received in the post this lovely parcel.

It felt like christmas all over again.

Its amazing just how excited you can get!

I had a cute note-let with a lovely note.

And parcels galore!

It was filled with some stunning stuff.

And it made a pants day into a great one so thanks Caroline I love it all.

Can you tell I was a happy bunny?

X x

Monday, 27 February 2012

Random Tag And An Award

No I haven't won a brit award or an oscar or even a grammy, probably down to the fact that I can't sing and my acting stinks!

But I have been tagged by the lovely Sophie and given award by Justine too.

I know I am a little late in posting about these, sorry guys, but as the saying goes....
Better late than never! 

Here are my questions that were tagged to me by Sophie .

Here are my questions for the Random Tag:
1) What happened on your favourite/most memorable day?

It would have to be my wedding day.  It passed in a whirl and stirred up so many emotions, happy and sad.
2) What is your least favourite colour and why?

Tricky one this. Im a fan of most colours but don't have much yellow as it makes me look very washed out.
3) What don’t you like eating and why?

Now I LOVE food.. I really should be the size of a house, hang on I am actually getting there! I don't like marmite. My mean hubby used to put it on like lipgloss and try to snog me. Yuck!!!
4) Who is your celebrity twin?

Dita Von Tesse, what do you mean you can't tell!!! She's the spit of me, that is if you squint a lot and I do mean a lot. She is stunning and my girl crush.
5) Do you have a surprising skill, what is it?

The ability to fall asleep within minutes of getting into a car but only when I am not driving thankfully!
6) What place is the world would you most like to visit?

Gosh I want to visit loads of places. the top few would be Machu Picchu, Tokyo and New Zealand
7) What is the best or worst bit of advice you have received?

The worst was to "Ignore and advice your parents give as they are from a different generation."  What a load of baloney! Mine only ever gave advice because they wanted what was best for me and in true teenager fashion I ignored every bit! Teenagers listen to them! It saves you a load of heartache in the long run. 
8) What is your favourite snack?

Most likely anything unhealthy. I don't really snack to much.
9) What would you like to change about the world, if anything?

Is this the Miss World question? Peace and love to all.... No seriously I would just like people to see the good in each other and respect each others feelings more.
10) Dogs or cats? Or neither?

Well I have a lovely cat called Whiskas, so it has to be cats although I do like dogs too. We just work to many hours to own one, it wouldn't be fair.
11) If you were to change your first name, what would you call yourself?

Anything but Trayci! I don't even have a middle name to use instead, but knowing my luck it would be Sharon. (Sorry any Sharons its just that I would go from one common name to another, not that Sharons are common! Ok I'm shutting up now as I can't fit anymore of my foot in my mouth!) I would like a name such as Olivia but I think I look more like an Olive!

As for my award;

Don't fret I shall not be doing an emotional speech and no tears will be shed.

I will however say thank you very much to Justine and give you my 7 facts .

  1. I would love to be able to sing well.
  2. In a former life I am convinced I was a burlesque dancer and will hear nothing to the contrary!
  3. My feet ache more in flat shoes than in heels.
  4. I could sleep all day if left to my own devices, a trait that both my girls have also inherited.
  5. I fret if I leave the house with out my mascara on! Even if I am only off to the allotment.
  6. I can't stand adverts and think that sky plus has spoilt me for life
  7. A day with out smiling is a day wasted that you can never get back, thats my look on life and I am a total optimist.
X x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Smiles....

Some times it's just the little things that put a smile on your face.

Like pretty flowers,

Given by a friend.

Or coming across little reminders,

Of trips that bring back memories you cherish.

What ever you are up to this Sunday I hope you take a minute or two to smile,

Because as they say a smile is very contagious!

X x

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sunny Saturday..

What a beautiful day!
It's lovely to see new life in the garden

The sun is shining and I feel as happy as a sand man.
Can you spot the lesser spotted Whiskas?

I lay in bed till 10am! 
(naughty I know but so needed after a very busy week)
Always the poser!

I've cleaned the house, hung out the washing and inspected the garden.
The pots should be colourful before we know it

If only I could remember what they are?! lol!

Now I'm off to get a birthday card and gift for my dear friends hubby, who will be celebrating his 50th birthday tonight with a Scottish theme party.

I'm so looking forward to getting dressed up, but I really need to dye my hair before I go.
(I also need to get my fringe cut as I really can't see! unfortunately that won't happen till next week)

Here's what I'm wearing to run my errands;

The only down thing today is the huge spot that has just appeared!


Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather too.

X x

Friday, 24 February 2012

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Completed!

Yes I did it!

And to be honest it was surprisingly easy too.

Here are the pieces I chose;
Dress - ASOS, Top - New Look, Skirt - H&M, Top - River Island, Jacket - Next, Trouser -  Miss Selfridge
Boots - River Island, Heels - Primark, Flat shoes - Debenhams

I only went for two scarves;
Both gifted.

And I even sorted jewellery to make it easier for the mornings;
(5am alarms really are no fun!)
All either gifted or been with me a while.

So how did the outfits turn out?

Like this.....


I had quite a few meetings on Monday mornings so kept it simple but smart.

I lost the jacket and added my white blouse.
I did start the day with a belt on but as you can see my top kept sliding underneath so it had to go.
It was fun too to be able to keep changing the way I was wearing my scarf.


Wednesday saw a complete change.
Again smart enough for a day of meetings.


Off site so a little more casual.
I think the shoulders poking threw the top made the outfit slightly edgy along with the boots.


Fridays are dress down Fridays at HO but I still like to be reasonably smart as I had to take my sister to the hospital first thing before driving the 2 hours to HO for a few meetings

I love the detail on the back of the top.
(Its just a pain covering up your bra strap!)

To make it feel a little more casual I added one of my favourite scarves.
The great thing with this was I kept changing how I wore it.

You will notice that my flat shoes are no wear to be seen. I have to say I did wear them whilst running between meetings so they were worn. But slightly undercover may be!

I am well pleased how it turned out and its really made me think of how I shop my wardrobe.

So a huge thank you to Jane for setting up the challenge.

That said I am off to a party for my friends hubbies 50th tomorrow and I will be very happy to get dressed up.  Lets just hope I manage to stay awake for it!

As for tonight?
Well I'm off to change into my PJs!

X x