Sunday, 31 July 2011

Finally a day off!

Good grief what a week!

Thankfully I finally have today off and I didn't surface out of bed until 12 o'clock.
(Terrible I know!)

After crazy hours at work last night saw us dancing the hours away at hubbies leaving do.

Heres what I wore;
Asos dress

And of course a pair of new shoes had to come out to play!
Shoes - Top Shop

And yes I danced all night in theses babies!

They gave him a cake and prezzies to.
It truly was a fab evening bless them.

As for today well we are chilling with pimms;

And I have made a yummy pudding for after our roast;
Yummy strawberry Pavlova

I really have to stop playing with my camera settings!

What has your week been like?

Apologies if I haven't managed to visit your blogs, I promise this week will be back to normal.

X x

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rinse And Repeat, Well Almost!

Thursday I wore almost an identical outfit to Tuesday!

Top - Peacocks
Skirt - Primark (years old)

Delicate sequin details on the flowers

Also on the edges too

Sandals - Fashion union
Now I am officially still on my shoe ban, but when I had a discount code to use and these beauties were already reduced, I though it would be crazy not too!

Well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I still have my mountain shoes to share.
(My treat for completing Three Peaks)

I have only had one  and half pairs so far.
(The half is due to one pair being  reduced so they can't possibly count as a full pair can they!)

I will share soon.

X x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Smart Casual To A Tea!

The trouble with having to be smart casual is what the hell do you wear?!

Well Wednesday last week saw me pull this together;

Hand me up top and skirt from my eldest

Sandals - eBay bargain.

And if I say so myself I was quite pleased!

The only thing I added later was a bright belt.

X x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Black And White

Heres yet another outfit for you, this time from Tuesday of last week.

A real black and white theme going on.

Top - Peacocks
Skirt - America
Shoes - Debenhams

Cute semi full skirt

Very pretty detail

As I had to pop into a few places I could pop on a jacket and  added with the heels it looked quite formal for work too.

X x

Monday, 25 July 2011

A little bit of feather and leather!

You may have noticed a distinct lack of outfit posts last week and that was fully intended.


Well this week is what is effectionatly known as "Manic!"

I have no day off.
(Now after 3 all say agh!)

And will be spending Monday and Tuesday in Pontypool, Wednesday in Lichfield actioning training sessions, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Malvern actioning open days.

Manic, manic, manic!
(or should that be busy, busy, busy?)

Anyhow as I shall be wearing very business like clothes I kept all my photos of last weeks out fits to share this week. So if they don't match the weather thats the reason behind it.

So firstly Monday I worn,

River Island leather shorts - purchased from new life for £6!
eBay top £3
eBay sandals £4 

No body odour here! lol!

Cute cut out detail at back of top

Stud detailing on sleeves

Very badly painted toe nails! oops.

Ankle detail of stones and feathers

I really would not have brought these shorts when I saw them in the shop for two reasons, firstly the price and secondly I am probably a bit too old to wear leather shorts. (I had quite a few pairs in my youth)

But when I saw them at this price and I tried them on I had Vix's voice in my ear saying "wear what you like not what other expect to see you in!"

So of course I did.

X x

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Six Weeks Of Heaven Or Hell???

Ok so whether you have children or not I am sure you will be aware that today sees us beginning the start of the six weeks holiday.

This can only mean one of two things;

You love it or hate it!

 As a child of course it's great, however as a parent it can fill you full of dread due to the cost of trying to occupy them in this crappy British weather.

For me I am lucky, Ashleigh at 15 makes plans to see her friends and generally it won't cost me the earth.

So here's how we shall be spending six weeks.

Andy has the first week off and will take Ashleigh to a few horse riding sessions, (Groupon, don't you love it!) as well as swimming and clothe shopping for holiday essentials.

The second week she has plans with friends including a possible trip to Alton Towers. (buy one get one free ticket!)

That Saturday sees her off to PGL for 7 nights to do a driving course.

Then home for a week, in which we have tickets for the circus at Eden Project. 
(Tesco vouchers)

Finally for the last two weeks we are off to Mexico, I can't wait!

Work is relentlessly busy for me and time off will be sparse, which I feel very guilty about. But the truth is with out me working we couldn't afford all the nice things so instead I try to balance. 

So what are your plans for the six weeks?

Lot's of children activities?
Or avoid any areas Children might be at all costs?

X x

Friday, 22 July 2011

Integrity – Doing the right thing even when no one is watching!

As my work career has progressed over the years so has my skill base and I’d like to think that I have developed skills that make me a good manager of people.

From a family point of view I know it has been important to me for my girls to see that I can balance work and home life, but also understand that the challenges work provides me with ensures I am a better all rounded mom too!
One of those key skills needed for work and home has been integrity.

A skill that as a youngster was lacking somewhat!

We all loved a good old he said, she said natter I’m sure as a teenager, even into adulthood. But the older you get you realise that it is a key trait that everyone should possess.

While away at a meeting recently someone was asked what integrity meant to them and the answer as the title says was;
“Doing the right thing even when no one is watching!”
How cleaver an answer is that!
So that got me thinking. What do we cut corners on when no one is around to see?
From a work point of view the answer would be nothing, everything is done regardless! To have a job is a great thing in this current climate so to keep it is key!
But what about home?
(No Judging Please!)
  • I have been known to dust around things as a quick fix,
  • I won't was things after one wear if not dirty,
  • I have been known to fib about an illness or two for my children when they really hated games!
So nothing that in my eyes is too bad and some even to do my bit for the planet.
Dare you share your integrity issues?
Go on, I dare you!!

X x

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sunday Roast, An Outdated Tradition?

As I was talking to someone at work yesterday we got talking about a good old family roast.

And I was shocked to hear that so many families don't actually do this now.

I know that meat is very expensive, as is all food to be fair, but even in tough times we have always ensured that Sunday remains a family day, with all of us sat round the table discussing what the past week had held and our hopes for the upcoming week too.

So my question must be do you still have a tradional Sunday lunch?

Guess who's got new features on her camera!

X x

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Treating Others Whislt Still Treating yourself

There is nothing better than treating those you love.

However you still have to be mindful of the pennies it costs.

Take the weekend for example, Ashleigh really wanted to go and see the new Harry potter film.
No problem with that but I haven't seen the last two films (shame on me I know!) and hubby hasn't seen even more, so it was a real waste for either of us to go and see it.

So Ashleigh went off with my nephew to see it as our treat. (£16!)
Of course next is popcorn and drinks (£7!) I am always to tight to buy them and take my own.
 (shh don't tell!)

So a nice treat then becomes a fairly expensive one.

That said, they both came back having had a great time and very thankful.

Whilst they were enjoying the film I ventured into the local charity shops and found a perfect cardy for Ashleigh.

A grand total of £1.99.
(bet the wool cost more than that!)

All hand knitted too.

That's more my kind of treat.

X x

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

WARNING! Sunglasses may be required...

I love shiny things - FACT.

I must have been a magpie in a former life as I am draw to anything shiny. For this I  blame my mother, as whilst I was growing up she always attended flash dinner dances in the most gorgeous sequined dresses and the highest of heels!

And why waste a day by being boring and dull is my moto.
(a very good one in my book!)

So when the weather turned dull and incredibly wet, (Of which Sunday was both.) I decided to brighten it back up.

Out came the sequins!
(Who said they should only be worn for nights out!)

Full on disco diva!

Told you needed sun glasses!

A bit over the top?
Well the day did need a little brightening, in my humble opinion.

I love this top.
It was an eBay purchase which my family stated as "very me!"


And of course no outfit is complete with out the shiny shoes to match..

A touch of glamour to a pair of jeans.

Just call me twinkle toes!
Shiny and high heels all rolled into one.

All Sunday my hubby insisted on playing 80's music to match my outfit.
(Much to Ashleigh's disgust!)

Who said Sundays were boring?!
X x

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wet And Wild! (Not In A Good Way Either!!)


Yesterday was, the day from HELL!

It started fine, other than the usual fight to get Ashleigh Mae out of the pit that is her bed!

Off I went to a meeting and before I went to the next one I happened to pop home to peg out my washing I had put on earlier that morning.

After walking into a quite house, which is a rare treat, I heard a water noise.
Something was leaking water.
So being the inspector Clouseau that I am I started to investigate.

First I pulled out the fridge.

But all seemed fine.

Next the dishwasher and the noise seemed louder.

So I then pulled out the washing machine to see water spurting from the inlet hose of the dishwasher.

That washing machine is SOOOOO Heavy!

I edged to look closer, somehow managed to move the hose and water was pouring all over the floor!

Tiny gaps to work round.
Now I know where the stop cock is but do you think it would turn?

Bloody typical Eh!

I turned to my father in law for help, yelling down the phone...

"Help, quick, water everywhere, Don't know what to do!!"

Bless him he was with me in a jiffy, Squeezed himself into very small spaces to change the hose and left me to sort the mess I had caused.

What a mess!

Now we have to wait and see how the wooden flooring drys out and if it's going to smell.


X x

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Where are these weeks going???

Here the week that passed me by, seems to be the trend at the moment!

The Good

Having a great family outting last Saturday.

Loved It!

The Bad

Eatting rubbish.

Due to my hours my food intake has been pure rubbish!

The Ugly

Having to work very long hours this week.

I've not got home before 7.15 any night.

Heres hoping next week will be a good one.

X x

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Killer Queen

Saturday evening saw us visiting Shugborough Hall for an out door Queen concert.

To be fair I had been dreading it, not because of the concert but because of the awful weather we had been having.

I shouldn't have worried as the sun shone down on us and we had a splendid evening.

Yummy ice creams all round.
What a beautiful setting to watch a concert too.

We were so close to the front it was great.

Even the babies of the family enjoyed it!
Ash and her friend.

Hubby even had a dance, 

Although I think the whole bottle of red wine may have been the reason for that!

And even though Ash may look like it she didn't have any wine, honest!

I loved this fat bottom girls tshirt.

Would we go again?

It was fantastic seeing all different ages enjoying a good concert.
Hell yes!

X x