Monday, 30 June 2014

Head Is In Monday, But My Heart Is In Sunday....

Today starts my second week back at work.

I located this bag at the bottom of my wardrobe (hense the creases!)
It's years old and perfect for fitting my purse, phone, keys and diary in.

I've felt like the new kid at school and I'm still trying to remember why I used to love my job.
(I'm still hoping my mojo returns soon)

Top - H&M
Trouser - George Asda
Shoes - New Look
Bag - River Island (Very old)

Back to boring corporate dressing.
A few hours have been spent completing out of date tests, catching up with new procedures along with find out who I actually work for!

The fringe has long gone!
An 80's flick in its place.
I really need a hair cut.

Not that I quite have a "proper job" but with my consultants appointment due tomorrow and the expectation of yet another operation on the horizon I can't see that changing any time soon.

Onwards and upwards eh
X x

Sunday, 29 June 2014


When your feeling the heat and stressing on your feet....

Pop them up and chill a while.....

And that was exactly what I did today.

Although the photos are actually from last week!
Well I am having a chill out day in my shorts.

So back to my chilling.
Now where was I?

X x

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Kiss Me Honey, Honey... Kiss Me...

I spend five hours today selling honey and gifts with the father inlaw.
And I must say it was nice way to spend the day.
Top - Thrifted
Cami - George at Asda
Jeans - Miss Selfridge

I got to catch up with loads of old friends whilst making a few new ones too.

We even made a healthy profit.

I forgot to take a picture of the stall until we were packing away!

This evening means a nice glass or two, of vino and a restock ready to take with me to another fair tomorrow.

I love the flowing sleeves of this top, but they can get in the way.

And of course I have to have a little sparkle.

Busy, busy.

X x

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Office....

I feel like I should be a secretary today in my attire.

Shoes very non corporate but as I'm a rebel I didn't care!

Not that I would be very good at it, I have the attention span of a nat at the moment.
But my telephone voice is quite posh, so that would be ok.

Indoor shots due to crappy weather.
Darn you rain!

Thank the lord it's Friday.
My morning started at 4.30am, after waking with tummy pains and then 4 hours of hugging the toilet followed. But as I've gone back to work I had to drug myself up and tootle off.

Thankfully the cheeky slits on the shoulders cover well so its not too naughty for work

Hence I couldn't face poking about with my contact lenses and the trusty glasses have had to be opted for instead. I forget about them until someone tells me they never knew I wore glasses.

I never realised how long my hair has got again.
Mind you I knew my fringe had as I can't see through it, hence the flicks,. Very 80's!

An early night for me I think in preparation for a busy weekend.

Happy friday all.

X x

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sunshine, Lollypops.......

When I was on my day off yesterday, waiting for my scan, I had to fill my time to stop me:
 A) wanting to eat and B) wanting to shop.

Luckily the weather was stunning so I was able to spend the day outside catching a few rays and top up the tan.

I even dragged the sewing machine outside in order to make a few things I had been putting off for a while.
(More on those another time)

As for ashleigh she is on the mend, still looking shattered but at least her heart beats are a normal pace now.

My scan took what seemed like an age and I'm sure they used a whole tube of gel on my very rotund belly!

They did find a few thing, fluid where fluid shouldn't be and an ovary squished into a place it shouldn't be along with what looks like a mass of some kind.
I even had another doctor called in to take a look, perhaps not such a good sign.
They seemed very pleased that my consultant appointment in next Tuesday, but of now I'm not worrying about  it. I might be in pain but at least they are getting to the bottom of it and with a bit of luck I can be fixed and back to normal (not that I've ever been!) soon enough.

For now I'm going to enjoy the warm weather and the company of my family, whom last night had me in fits of laughter with silly map drawing and ridiculous jokes.

X x

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Well Red...

Firstly thank you for all you messages of concern.
Ashleigh is thankfully ok, be it shattered, but at least she's on the mend.
Yesterday she felt like a train had hit her and didn't have one ounce of energy.
This morning she look s a little more like my bubbly daughter and her energy is coming back slowly.

Second day work attire
Dress - ASOS
Shoes - Banana Republic (USA)
Scarf - Thrifted

You never stop worrying about them do you?

As for me I am back at work (boo!) after having finally sorted my return to work note.
I have an 8 week phased return to work, increasing slightly every two weeks in order to get me back to full time hours. 

This will in fact take 10 weeks as I am on holiday for 2 weeks in July.
My tummy was agony after a few hours and I looked 9 months pregnant due to swelling, hence the scarf to cover the non baby bump!

Today I am off for my hospital scan, so no work as I can't eat or drink for 6 hours before.
Its going to seem like forever as I don't function unless I have had loads of tea first thing.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

(Very) Short... But S weet.....

The amount of times this dress ends up in the "to get rid of" pile is untrue.

I love the spots, the colour,

Dress - Purchased from France many years ago.

And the detailing on it.

I love the lace detailing

But it is oh so short!

Proof I need to toning those legs more!
Just call me Chicken lady.
I was having a good old conversation with the chucks.

In fact if I bend over, even slightly, you can see my butt.
And trust me that's enough to put you off your food, I can tell you.

So yet again its ended up in the "to get rid of pile"
That is unless I feel like wearing it again or recycling it.
We'll see.

X x

Monday, 23 June 2014

And Off To Work I Go....

I've truly had one of those days..
It has been my first day back at work, well kind of.

I say that as my boss informed me I couldn't be there as I hadn't got a note from the doctor to say I could. And the doctor said its my call not his and that they no longer do fit for work notes.
Confusing or what?
And I was told this 10 minutes before the end of my first 4hour shift, typical.

Then on top of that I have spent three hours at A&E with Ashleigh after she has had a huge heart palpitation.
Quite scary this time to, as the doctor said she had all the symptoms of a heart attack or possibly a blood clot. If she is no better tomorrow then we are to go back to A&E.

So all in all a very, very stressful day!

Monday Bloody Monday!

X x

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sweet Meets Strappy...

My hubbies quote about this outfit was actually "Sweet meets bondage!" but for fear of what searches it might pop up in I amended my title slightly.

He was referring to the curls being the sweet and the shoes being the bondage.
Sometimes he worries me slightly.

It was worn for a day of traipsing round an event at the NEC.
Yes I did take some flatter shoes with me to rest my achy feet after a few hours.

And it's fair to say today has been one of the strangest days of the year yet.

Friday, 20 June 2014

If It Aint Broke, Don't Fix It....

My uniform of the week seems to have been a floaty skirt and top.

Top - Primark
Skirt - Oasis (old)
Shoes - Monsoon (old)

Dead comfy and smart enough for any appointment I have had to attend too.

Inside what will soon be the new chicken coop.

Today has consisted of appointments, lunch with my mom, sister and my eldest daughter .
It's so nice to have a catch up with them, they really make me smile.

I even saw my nieces little boy, who is soooooo cute its untrue.
As for the weekend, i am hoping to attend a car boot to get rid of some more unwanted crap items from the garage.

Yes the declutter really does continue.
How can we possibly have so much stuff?

X x

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Work In Progress....

Our chickens are getting a new home.
A bigger place for them to roam free is being erected at the bottom of the garden.

TShirt - Asda (old)
Skirt - River Island (old)
Shoes - Monsoon (old)

That means our garden can get back to looking pretty and hubby can stop moaning every time he sees said garden.

I have helped with what I am able to, however I had to call even that a day after the smell go glue from next door was so overwhelming.

See the lovely white marks in the folds of my arms?
thats from reading my book on holidays.

Lord know what they are doing but it truly was making me feel sick.

Rudely interrupted by hubby calling to ask what we are having for tea?
He forgot we were going out. 

He does make me giggle, bless.

No more work on this it this evening either as we are off to a 7 year olds birthday tea.
Now what do you wear to a tea party?
It's been so long since I've been to one.

X x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Blooming All Around Me...

I love how, after a bit of sunshine, all the garden comes alive.

Nothing better than seeing beautiful flowers and colours to brighten up even the dullest of days.

And whilst today may have been dull it has at least been lovely and warm.

Nothing to do today except relax and catch my breath after a busy day yesterday.
Just what this achy body needs.

The most strenuous thing today has been a little ironing and cooking tea.

As for this evening, I am off to get my instructions ready to chicken sit over the weekend.
A phrase I never in a million years I thought would be coming out of my mouth!

X x

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Subtle Hint Of Blue....

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but its been a really warm day here.

No beating sunshine but still a lovely heat for drying all the rest of the holiday washing.

What with a spot of gardening, strawberry jam making, biscuit and cake baking, it's fair to say its been quite productive one too.

Would you believe this lot?

Hence the jam!

And I still have shed loads almost ready to pick at the lottie.
Not that I'm complaining, they are scrummy.
And as with any activity I'm now feeling feather shattered.

So bring on an early night, another round of pain killers and a nice hot chocolate.
And I will leave you with a snap of Whiskas from last night.

He squeezed into the tiniest gap in order to sit with me and lay with his head on the key board snoring away!

X x

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me details for the swop.
I shall be emailing you your buddies tomorrow.

X x