Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Chateaux Or Two?? Don't Mind If I Do!!!

As I shall be busy with meetings all day here are a few photos from our resent holiday in France:

The most stunning place ever.

Me taking a photo of hubby as he snaps me

I want this view please every morning.

My favourite fella!

For no other  reason than they make me smile!

X x

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Weekend Away...

Whilst yesterday may have been back to the normal work, life routine the weekend had at least been a fabulous one.

It amazes me how refreshed you can feel after such a short time.

And whilst the weather was a little chilly we had a great time just the same.

Not only did we stumble across the most stunning views but we also visited Lyme Park and had a great day with the inlaws.

Roll on the next break.
(Thankfully its only a few weeks away)

X x

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Casual Sunday....

Sunday, the day for relaxing and catching your breath before all the madness starts again.
This Sunday we are away relaxing (I hope).
So I shall share last Sundays outfit with you instead.

Whilst Andy and his work colleagues yompt up Snowdon I relaxed doing a little crafting and sorting out wardrobes and cupboards.
Exciting stuff I know.

Unable to spend the time outside as it was bucketing down.
(I'm hoping this Sunday is sunny and bright?!)

Hope you guys have had a good weekend what ever you have been up to.
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X x

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Only On Holiday....

I don't know about you but I totally relax when I go away.

No one knows me and I have no commitments other than having a great time.
But I do tend to make a few faux pars.
No where else would I wear this get up!

Lets be honest I need a little extra fabric & support for these boobs!
Oh well, least said, sooner mended.
These were taken whilst visiting one of the beautiful Chateau's in the Loire Valley.
The gardens had a festival on which was very pretty to see.

Our favourite had to be the mist gardens, but this had more to do with us being hot rather than anything else!

That said it did make for very atmospheric photos.

X x

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Friday, 15 August 2014

So Much To Do & So Little Time To Do It In...

We are off for a weekend away afterwork and I'm ashamed to say I am so far behind in getting ready that I'm meeting myself going forward (silly phrase but I'm sure you know what I mean)

This is our destination:

Chatsworth House
Not that we are staying in this beautiful house, but in our home from home caravan.
We stayed here last year and enjoyed it so much we just knew we would have to revisit.
You even get a key to a secret gate to let you in and out of the grounds.

Wednesdays outfit
Dress - H&M
Shoes - Debenhams

Thankfully not a lot of packing needs to be done. Its just a case of raiding the wardrobes and food cupboards.

Wednesdays casual outfit
Top - Thrifted
Jeans - Tesco
Sandals - Old

We are both hoping for some nice weather, that said it was predicting awful rain. Typical eh.

As for the youngest, well you'd think we were leaving her for months, not a night or two.

Oh well, I don't suppose many 18 year olds would rather have mom and dad at home instead of a house to themselves, so we mustn't grumble.
And I do love having the girls around, they are such lovely company.

X x

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wait A Minute Mr Postman....

The postman or post lady tends to bring me bills mainly but of late I must admit they have also been bringing me a few goodies too.

And this was a very nice package to receive:

My watch win from the lovely Laura over at A Daisy Chain Dream
Not only is she a stunner but also a fabulous blogger.
So if you haven't visited before, what are you waiting for?

This has been a perfect solution for work, as now I am store based I can't carry my phone around.

Thanks again Laura, I love it!

X x

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X x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

End Of the Line...

Today was the funeral of my friends husband.
A huge loss at such a young age.

So many people filled the church (It was overflowing in fact) to give thanks for having known such a lovely man.
So happy, cheeky and a little naughty too.

So many tears, bur also much laughter and memories shared.

Whilst it might be the end of the line for this part of the journey we know he will be setting up the pranks ready for when any of us join him.

X x

Monday, 11 August 2014

A Give Away For August..... Because Your Awesome!

Yes you know I love you guys.
As I Have said before, you read my ramblings on and never tell me off when me spelling or grammars wrong.
And even keep coming back for more, you crazy fools.

Thats why I want to thank you.

So here is a bag of goodies that could well be yours;

Note book & Pen - to capture all those blogging ideas.
Plasters - ready to survive high or low heels
Headache tablets - as its hard to smile when your heads aching
Chocolate - for an instant energy boost
All in a bloggers survival kit bag

The give-away is open through out August and will close on the 30th ready to be posted on the 31st.

Good luck my lovelies.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Busy Bee.....

Have I told you my in-laws have bees?
Yes of course I have.

Dress - George dress (years old)
Belt - primark bargain (again old)
Shoes - New life

And its not that they have a few bees, they have a lot!
About 8 hives in total.

I might not want to do the "bee keeping" but I do love the honey.
And trust me if you've never tasted honey straight from the hive you need too.
It is so much better than the processed stuff you buy in the supermarket.

We have turned some of it into favours for weddings, birthdays, baby showers or just little gifts.
Along side homemade Jam or love hearts.
And they come in an variety of fabric covers to match any theme.
(Please take a look here if you get chance)

So not only did I spend yesterday cleaning, ironing and doing all things homely.
But I also made up 300 wedding favours ready for collection on Monday by courier.

Why the laughter?
Well hubbys voice was bellowing: "ahhh CFM's I see!"
Which if your of my era you may well understand, if not well lets just say its relating to the colour of my shoes and  rather naughty. He is a cheeky man.

I really was a real busy bee.

X x

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Review Or Two....

I was lucky enough to receive a few items to review from Super Savy Me.

To say I was pleased with the package was an understatement and a thorough test has been had of all the items.
Let me share with you the first two of the five products I reviewed.

The first one to be tested was this:

RRP £9.99
You have no doubt seen all of the adverts on tv of late for this product.
I have very fine, thin hair and for this reason it appealed greatly.
However I have to say I really didn't see any difference at all.

It did smell lovely and was very easy to apply but my hair still appeared as fine as ever, even after a few weeks of use.
It offered lots but delivered nothing.
Disappointed I'm afraid.

The second product I trialled was this:

RRP £6.99
A super thick creamy conditioner.

I have to say its biggest issue was opening the lid!
That said the product itself was a really thick and luxurious 2 minute conditioning treatment.
I'm loving this product as the effect lasts for quite a while to.
Not only did it smell nice but my hair really benefited from the treatment itself and I even had complements on how shiny it was looking.

And as every girl knows a complement is always very welcome.

X x

*Whilst all products were supplied free for me to test no payment was made for this review and all opinions are my own.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Thank The Lord It's Friday....

I have to say I am rather pleased its Friday and that the weekend is now here.
(We really do wish our lives away don't we? Or is that just me?)

The last day of the week of work attire.

Dress - M&S outlet
Shoes - Thrifted (years old)
Cuff & Necklace - Thrifted

Ok so not quite the corporate black & white I should be wearing but hey ho.
This was a bargain dress I had a while ago and its sooooo comfy to wear its ridiculous.

To save my dignity I have to pin the front, don't think customers would be too happy otherwise.
And flats due to carrying really heavy marrows into work.

I'm like the crazy veg lady at the moment.
Anyone and everyone has been getting a marrow from any visiting friends at home, Ashleigh's friends, all the neighbours (yes I have knocked all the doors to give them a marrow!) and both Andy's and my work.

Well half the fun is sharing your harvest.

Hope you guys have a great weekend planned.
For me Saturday is housework and ironing, yet again.
Andy is climbing Snowdon on Sunday for work and I'm as yet undecided as to weather to go with them (not walking mind) or if to sneak in a car boot or two.
Think I shall see what the weathers meant to do before I decide.

X x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Back To Black...

Yes another work week is here.
Work to go to, a home to run, friends to console and me time needed too.

Thankfully as my weekend was spent giving the house a good clean (youngsters really don't clean quite as well as you want them to, but on a positive note at least everything was intact when we got home) and also catching up with the lottie.
And yes Monday I paid the price.

But now its midweek and its back to the grind stone to earn a buck or two.

Back to work wear or black and white.
Oh how I long for a splash of colour.

Well a cheeky little hint won't hurt surely?

X x