Monday, 24 November 2014

Hip Hip Hooray, Time Away....

As you know we are lucky enough to be having a few days away to celebrate Ashleighs birthday

We are all of to Nottingham Centre Parcs, which was Ashleighs choice.

Just whats needed, a week of relaxation and calm.
I envision plenty of walking, swimming and eating plenty of good food.

We have even booked a spar evening for Andy and I.
Can't wait!

See you in a week!
X x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Looking Back Is Half The Fun...

Why do you blog?
For me its a great way to look back at life.
I love having a nosey at what happen last month, last year or even further.

Like remembering all the experiences the girls have had

Beautiful places we have visited

Challenges we have achieved
Now don't get me wrong I live very much in the here and now.
And enjoy doing so, as todays goings on will be next years happy memories.
Or so I hope anyway.

Special announcements such as Kassie & Shauns engagement

Stupid outfits I've worn!

And all with the man I love.

Sometime life isn't exciting but its my life and never does it get jazzed up just for the sake of it. 
You see me as I am, warts and all.
(I don't have any warts really. Just wanted to put that straight!)

So today has just been a day in life of an ordinary person.
Ordinary maybe, but dull? Never. 

X x

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Let The Count Down Commence....

Roll on Monday.
Now thats a phrase you very rarely hear me say, I can tell you.

Why so eager for Monday to come?
Well, we are off to Centre Parcs to celebrate Ashleighs 19th birthday.

It still amazes me how much my girls love a family break away.
And whilst I am excited, Ashleigh is 100 times more excited.

So yes, roll on Monday!

X x

Monday, 17 November 2014

Recovery Time....

Well what a weekend...

We knew it would be a busy one, what with my nieces wedding, but not quite as eventful.

Bride & Grooms immediate family

My niece looked stunning and the weather even stayed dry for her too.

My sister, niece and brother in law

How stunning is her dress?

My sister and her hubby beamed with pride.

My mom, Bride & Groom

And my mom looked stunning bless her.
Although she only just made it one time, we all thought she was going to miss the ceremony.

My brother,  sister in law, nephew and mom

All due to a hairdresser catastrophe with my sister in law!

Scary to think that it will be these guys next!

Thankfully we have a few years till its Ashleighs turn.

Seems a very long time ago since it was ours!
I would  do it all again in a heart beat.

The reception was held in a marquee and had a ridiculous ramp that I managed to fall down, having slipped between the metal ramp and a mat resulting in a badly sprained wrist, two grazed knees, a battered elbow and a huge dose of embarrassment!

The venue seemed to think it was all a bit of a giggle and we had to make them write it in their accident book. They offered ice for my wrist which took 10 minutes to turn up and a savlon wipe for my grazes.

A grazed knee after arriving home.

Mind you the classic from them for the night was the comment they made to Kassie.
"Where are you from?" they asked her,
"Wolverhampton" she replied
"No," said the woman, "Where are you FROM, FROM!?"

Cheeky ***!
Just cause she's dark skinned doesn't mean she was flown in on a plane!

So all in all an eventful day.
Thankfully the newly weds had a great time and thats all that matters.

X x

Friday, 14 November 2014

Has It Really Been A Year Since Children In Need?....

Blimey these come round so quickly, I couldn't believe it was today!

I have to be honest, what with not being in a set location, I haven't really done anything for it.
Terrible I know.

Oh well, I will watch it all on TV and give a donation by text
No where near as much fun as getting involved in the fun and games of fundraising.

So have any of you guys got up to anything for Children in need?

X x 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Spread A Little Kindness...

Today is World Kindness Day.
What a fabulous day to have, however I somewhat feel this should be something you try to do everyday.

Tunic - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings - Primark
Boots - From US years old.

I've said my normal "Please" and "Thank you", help open doors and even given my car park ticket away for someone to use the remaining time.

But all of these were things I would do as a matter of course.

It did make me think about what more I can do.
So I've pulled some more things from my cupboard for the help the homeless. sorted my craft items to give a bunch to the church and sorted a few more cupboards out to give excess to the charity shop.

Cute bow detail

Jobs I should have done before but never quite found the time.
So I shall keep up with my kindness deeds by collecting my brother and his family from Manchester airport at stupid o'clock this evening.
Lets hope I stay awake.

X x

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Christmas Crafting.....

Now I am one of the sad people that really enjoy Christmas.
And if it were up to me my tree would have been up by now, however I have managed to restrain myself.. Only just mind!

So to pacify my Christmas yearning I have been making up bauble trees with my excess baubles.

And what better to do it in that a Christmas jumper.
(Any excuse eh?)

Christmas tree made by me :-)
And Santa like boots..

These trees shall be dotted around the house and the larger ones will have a light inside to make them shine nice and pretty.

Now what can I make next?????
Andy, pass me my glue gun!

X x

Monday, 10 November 2014

Blackpool Delights..... Well Mainly Lights...

We spent a wet weekend in Blackpool in the van this weekend just gone.
The weather was shocking (It is November so we should have expected it really) and we didn't really do very much.

In fact other than a walk around Blackpool and then a drive through the lights, its fair to say we did bugger all.

Not a bad thing as Andy was shattered and I think the rest did him good before yet another crazy week began for him.

What did he think to Blackpool?

Well it definitely didn't exceed his expectations.
(Sorry Blackpool)

Its not the people (they were lovely) just the place, great if you want to spend a few nights out in the pub but thats just not his thing.

Well at least now he's been and can tick that off his places to see list.

X x

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Minion Madness......

Ok I know its sad but Minions from despicable me, really make me giggle.
I don't know what it is about them but I turn into a giggling girl and they make me feel all happy.
Not such a bad thing in my humble opinion.

So you can only imagine how I felt when I saw this on my drive home the other day:

Did you spot the minion?

Then as if by magic the youngest sent me this clip.

Well lets just say I was so excited for the new film.
All I need to do now is borrow a child to take!  Well I don't want to look too sad, lol.

X x

Friday, 7 November 2014

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly...

Another week bites the dust!

So heres my round up of the week that was...

The Good
A Birthday

Kassie turned 27!
I can't quite believe my baby girl is that age, nor that she ties the knot next year.

A Hen Party

My niece had a hen party to remember.
Next the wedding.

The Bad
Redundancy meetings

Lots of my colleagues had them this week and it was horrible to see people you care about feeling so rotten.

The Ugly
Bye Bye Beetle

It's not ugly really, just sad.
Ashleigh sold her beetle, which was the right decision but we were all still sad to see her go.

Hope you guys have had a good one.
Heres to a great weekend.

X x

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Take One Dress....

 Out came another favourite today.
A monocrome pallet again in the form of a trusty old Asda dress.

 Layered up with an oversize cardy as it was freeeeeezzzzzing this morning.
I even had to deice the car.

Of course a poppy was must and it breaks up the black and white too.

It shows how much it gets worn, summer or winter.

 And thats just this year!

X x