Monday, 3 August 2015

Monday Ruddy Monday...

Mondays are now now as admin days.
The day that I catch up with all my paperwork, figures phone calls and emails.

Usually I don't get to finish till late.
(Yes time management obviously needs a little work)
But as I love my job I genuinely don't mind, even if I do get banished to the "work" sofa.

Sometimes I get an extra bit of help, or should that be hindrance.
Trouble is when its this cute you can't really get mad with him.

So whats your Monday routine?
X x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Silent Sunday.......

Ok so our Sundays are anything but silent....
What with three cats ( yes three cats!) running around like crazy,

Milka and litte man snuggling on the sofa

A daughter enjoying the perks of living back at home

And a million jobs to do

Our Sunday is kind of crazy!

Hope your is nice and chilled.

X x

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Weekend Wonders...

Its the weekend, yeah!
So what delights do you guys have in store?

Me, I have a weekend at home trying to get my home on order.
Boring but needed.

You can't beat a freshly waxed brow!

Lots of house work, decluttering and lots and lots of gardening.
(It looks like a jungle at the mo)

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for nice dry weather.
And if any of you are boarded you are more than welcome to pull on your scruffs and help with a little gardening.

X x