Thursday, 28 February 2013

Almost Over....

I know you shouldn't wish away your life but I will be pleased when this week is over.
It has felt incredibly long and hard work for all sorts of reasons.

However the weekend (which is almost here, yea!) we see me off to the wedding fair at the NEC with my eldest. How exciting....

And yes I have pre warned her that should she try and dresses on I am bound to blart.
(thats cry for anyone not used to blackcountry speak)

Other big news is that they also get the keys for their appartment tomorrow, after what seems like forever.

As for Ashleigh and her heartache?

Well, touch wood it all seems quiet at the moment. She's spent time with her best friend, as we all know a good natter with them always helps.

And no news on "the boyfriend" so it could well be final, we'll just have to wait and see.

As for me?
Well I have two more days of meetings before I can have at least one lie in!

 (Flat shoes only to walk miles from the car park to the building!)

All these 5am mornings are wearing me out!

X x

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Handling A Heart Ache....

My youngest has fallen out with her boyfriend.

Her decision but still she is very upset.

And even though I wasn't keen on him, I hate her being so cut up.

Lets hope this pain passes quickly for her.

Who'd be young eh?!
(Not that heart ache is just for the young!)

X x

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Wonders....

Today has seen Andy and I battle to put a Caravan cover on.

Laugh? I nearly peed my pants! 
( I forget I am married to a shorty)
Well its better than yelling at each other at least.

We visited the caravan to put in a few storage bits we had brought and to put over the cover and hitch cover.

It's truly amazing how dirty and manky it looks after such a short space of time being stored.

Of course we also visited the allotment to do a little more work too. 

Our old plat is looking rather sad, as are we to move on really.
But the new plot is much dried and in a sunnier spot.

The green house frame has been moved in one and the glass is all safely waiting to be cleaned and refitted when the frame is in place.

The brick work was moved in one piece, don't ask how they did it, I was amazed and maddened by them.

We have masses of raspberry canes inherited from the previous occupant.

And we have dug over ready for the potatoes to go in.

We still have loads to do but its getting there.

The pieces of wood are the frame for our fruit cage which needs re-errecting over the fruit bushes and strawberries.

After a  hot shower and a cuppa or two the family descended on us for lunch.

It's always lovely having them all here.

How do they keep themselves amused?
Well in the case of my two by making Mr Potato heads.

Cause in the words of my 25 and 17 year olds...
"Your never too old to play with Mr Potato!"

Bless em.

X x

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Unleashing The Inner Child.....

Gosh is it really the weekend?

Amazing how quickly the weeks fly bye, I really must be getting old!

So what has today had install?

Well after a terrible nights sleep, (I was frozen through and couldn't for the life of me get warm. I used hubby as a hot water bottle all night much to his annoyance!) by 8 am I was up, washed, dressed and ready for the day.

The outfit was very much like unleashing my inner child.


Well I have spent virtually all day pulling up my tights after the gusset felt like it was flashing beneath my dress! lol

I have had a day of dropping unwanted items off, housework and visits from fencing and central heating men!

I can for see lots of bills appearing in the not so distant future.

Hope you have all had a great start to your weekend and don't forget it you would like any garden mags FREE then let me know before they are disposed of.

X x

Friday, 22 February 2013

Is any one interested?

In having a good old sort out I have got lots of things to either throw away or sell on.

Hoever before I do I wondered if anyone would be interested in a few gardening magazines?

I obviously can't send them all as it would cost a fortune, however I am more than happy to send a handful to a few people.

Please let me know.

Als I have a brand new pair of Leather Office shoes.

They cost £45 new I believe.
 (not that we payed that as they were a gift for my daughter)

They are a size 36, which I believe is a 3 and a half.
(please correct me if I am wrong)

She would like £15 for them, which would include postage too.

For either items drop me a message and I will get back to you.

X x

Thursday, 21 February 2013


All best plans eh!?

I had (or so I'd thought) scheduled a few posts for the beginning of the week, knowing it was going to be a little crazy! 

However blogger obviously had other ideas!

So no posts are to be seen.
(why, oh why)

Never mind. Here is what my week has consisted of so far:
A meeting and presentation

A busy planning meeting 

A caravan show

And a damaged knee!

Here's hoping the remainder of the week gets better!

X x

Monday, 18 February 2013

Don't Call Me Four Eyes.......

Incase you didn't know I wear contact lenses and every night when I get home out they come and on go my glasses.

Very worn and wonky glasses, that always make me feel like I am wearing these:

However, I have treated myself to two new pairs.

An absolute bargain at under £50 for the two pairs.

So what if they aren't named?!

I liked them so much I have worn them to work, which really confused me work colleagues I can tell you.

So what do you think?

X x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

But Joseph, Your Coat Makes An Amazing Top Too...

I've worn my own rainbow of colours today.

And almost everyone I'm met has commented on it too!

I shall call this...

"My Technicolour Dream Top!"

X x

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Give Me Sunshine Every Day...

After the horrid snow and rain of late the past two days have been amazing.

Dry, sunny (and dare I say warm!?) days have ensure we not only did amazing work on moving our plat at the allotment but also in the garden too.

Yesterday saw us dismantle the green house and move the frame and base work up to the new plot.
And also the fruit cage too.

Of course we still need to rebuilt everything but with the fab help we received it's not looking as doubtful as it was that we shall be fully moved for the end of Feb.

I also moved all the fruit bushes, so now only have strawberries left to move from the cage. 

As for today..... Well I've tackled not only the house work (bar the ironing, cause I hate ironing!) but also the garden, which was in desperate need of a tidy.

We now have three fence panels down.
(I can feel a chat with the neighbours coming on)

And the decking was so slippy I went A over T on it yesterday.

So today out came the power washer and (most) of the grime is now gone. 

Trouble is it appears to have gone all over me!
(I've ended up very dirty)

Very last job was to drive to the storage lot and measure the caravan for a porch awning.
As we are off to the caravan show next Wednesday it was a job that needed doing.

With a bit of luck it will be dry again tomorrow and we can get even more achieved up the allotment.
(work is soo much easier than this I can tell you)

X x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love Is In The Air......

Who need a set day to show the one you love just how much you do?

Isn't that what every day of the week is for?

In our house we will be having a three course home cooked meal, for hubby daughter and I.
After all she is the result of the love we have so it makes sense that she shares the meal with us.

A home made card.

And a home made bottle of wine and a film whilst we snuggle up on the sofa.


X x

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

And Lent Begins.....

So did you all enjoy your pancakes yesterday?

I had a yummy one filled with bananas and cinnamon yogurt, where as the family stuck to sugar and lemon.

With the beginning of lent also means the giving up of something in our house hold and has for many years.

It can be a simple thing such as giving up chocolate or crisps ( not quite so easy in my world!) or an evening a week of telly or internet.

So what will it be this year?

Well, I will be taking something up instead.
(I will be trying my hardest to resist the chocolate too)

I am going to:
  • Give a complement or do an act of kindness a day to/for someone, a thing I think I do most days.
  • And give at least hour a week to helping others.
Whilst they might not seem like huge things  to do, I hope that in such a time precious life they can make a difference.

Do you do anything for Lent?

X x

Monday, 11 February 2013

It's Just Snow Fun......

Yes that white stuff has hit us yet again....

Thankfully it had more or less disappeared by lunch, with more forecast.

Not fun at all when you are incredibly busy. 

So whats been happening to cause my absence?

Just work, work and more work.... Oh and family of course!

No real news to pass on if I'm honest.

This week will yet again be very busy, but  to make life a little easier all our meals have been planned:

  • Monday - Sunday lunch number two! ( cooked lots so we can have it again today)
  • Tuesday - Pasta bake (with mince also cooked ready for lasagne for Friday) and pancakes of course.
  • Wednesday - Homemade pizza and salad
  • Thursday - Special valentines meal of homemade chunky chips, steak and salad. Yummy!
  • Friday - Lasagne ( all prepared as I won't be getting in till later)
So at least even if the rest of the week is manic food has been sorted.

Hope you are all well.

X x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Did I scare you?

Well when some one appears out of thin are it does tend to spook you a little doesn't it?

So sorry for the long absence, life has just been a little manic and thats putting it politely!

So what have I been up to during my absence?


I celebrated my (42nd, shh don't tell anyone!) birthday on the 1st of February.... 

And we collected our caravan!

(Now I know I am getting old!)

The nicest thing was firstly knowing we had pain outright for it with money we had put away, which gives you a real sense calm.

And off we tootled to Ludlow to see how we faired with all the instructions still fresh in our minds from the garage.

We set up fine and had an amazing few days of total chilling and site seeing, before towing it back to the Midlands and storing it away for a week or two.

No real arguments occurred whilst hooking or unhooking, which in itself is a minor miracle.

We have a few other weekends planned in the next few weeks but also have an allotment move to complete so with work as well it looks like we will be incredibly busy.

I will be catching up with all your lovely blogs soon to find out what adventures you have all been up to .


X x