Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wet, Windy And Wonderful All Rolled Into One.

Yesterday was a complete wash out!

The weather spoilt any chance of a family day out.

So what to do on a wet windy bank holiday?

Well in our house after a mini tidy was ironing,

Very boring but a must.

Followed by a picnic in doors of which I have no photos as we ate it all!

A Little bit of exercise to burn off lunch,

And a trip to the IMax to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then back for more yummy food.
(Again no photo!)

So after a rather disappointing start it ended up being a wonderful day with lots of fun had by all.

X x 

Monday, 30 May 2011

Now You See Me, Now You Don't!

Let's be honest none of us like to conform to being corporate.

Well I know I don't at all, so I always try to put my spin on my outfits whilst still trying to be as pc as possible.

I hate the idea of blending in.
Why should I?
I am an individual and proud of the fact.
I will still do my job to the best of my ability and perhaps even better as I feel more comfortable being me.

My outfit for last Friday was this;

 A bargain next dress that cost only £5.

I was well pleased.

I love the pocket detail.

And I also wore my bright orange M&S coat.

Great for this wet weather we have been having.

Again a bargain at £18 instead of £55.

You couldn't miss me in this!

I love the little peter pan collar.

Because I have to carry my lap top along with far too much else to mention I use my large river island bags loads.

Would you believe that it weighs over 1 1/2 stone in weight!

Teamed with my 50p primark shoes.

And of course trusty jewelery.

The chances of not been seen in this?


X x

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Life Is But A Memory, Cherish Everyone.

Whislt our weekend away now seems a long time ago looking at the photos ready to share with you always bring a great sense of affection.

A beautiful place, instilling a sense of calm rather than the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Remembering the lack of noise and enjoying the peace.

Nature being all around and not afraid to venture close.

Being able to wonder at the simple things.

And to create something to share with others.

X x

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Head For Heights


How are you when it comes to heights?
Me, I'm no too bad. Can't say I like them but I have got to the top of the Eiffel Tower no problem.

Hubby on the other hand hates them.

With a passion!

Strange because he love roller coasters and any other kind of ride.

His chosen activity at centre parcs then appears very odd, as he chose to take part in abseiling!

If I am totally honest I wasn't sure if he would be able to do it as he was shaking so much before hand.
He tried to settle his nerves with a game of connect 4.

 Then Ashleigh, my nephew and hubby got kitted up and awaited instructions.

If doesn't seem so high when you are at the bottom!

Ashleigh went first and whilst a little nervous as she had done it before she knew what to expect.

Then came Andy's turn and bless him although terrified he did it.

And they continues to do it at least 10 more times!

So proud of them both.

Me, I was the official photographer so got out of it.
But to be fair I have done it before, honest!
To celebrate the achievement and also Andy's birthday we all went for a slap up meal. 

Of course it had to include a bottle of wine!

Andy was very pleased with his, 

Mine was yummy too.

As for pudding,

Whilst Ashleigh was happy with a yummy ice cream we settled on a very fattening hot chocolate.

Oh well back to the diet!

X x

Friday, 27 May 2011

Big Bird

Falconry has always amazed me.

The link between the bird and its handler is fascinating to see.

And one thing that Ashleigh has always enjoyed whist at Centre Parcs has been the falconry session.
I would recommend it to any family as it works out as great value due to you all being able to watch.

The first time she did this she was much smaller,

And the birds all appeared much larger!

That said I think she had as much enjoyment out of it as she did back then.

As you can see smiles were the order of the day with everyone enjoying themselves.

It definitely took me back a few years!

X x

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fishy Feet!

Not the best of titles granted but it tells it as it is.


Well the first experience that Ashleigh and I had at Sherwood Forest was to have a fish pedicure, which sound incredibly gross I know.

However it was one of those things that I had been wanting to try for a while and this seemed the perfect opportunity to do so. 

After settling into our cabin and a relaxing swim off will popped to the aqua sauna to greet the fishes.

The treatment itself involves placing your feet into a tank of Garra rufa fish.
I know that the treatments have been at the centre of a media storm due to the potential risk of infection so I was careful to research if we should take part or not.

It was a very strange experience.

When you first place your feet into the tank the fish rush excitedly to your feet and quickly get to work. At first it feels like an explosion of bubbles, once they settle you experience a slight pins and needles sensation. Not unpleasant but unlike anything I have experienced before.

We sat for 20 minutes whilst they eagerly got to work on any of our dead skin.

The result was very soft feet. Not all the hard skin was removed, but for me that was good as I need some to protect my feet whilst walking and climbing silly mountains!

I would definitely have it done again.

Ashleigh on the other hand is not so sure!

X x

PS  Firstly excuse the poor photos, for a strange reason it will not let me upload the proper ones! May I apologize for not leaving comments but blogger has been a pain in the bum and not allowed me too!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Not Quite New, But New To Me!

I always get excited when I buy some thing new.

And at times the things aren't actually brand new, but just new to me.

Like this H&M top I spyd in the local charity shop;

Jeans - ASOS

A whole £2 it cost. Bargain I say.

I also spotted this necklace which I instantly fell in love with.

Again a whole 50p. Bargain number 2.
Dressed up with  fancy earrings;

Earrings - New Life

A bright bangle;
Bangle - years old

And a favourite pair of shoes,
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

Fantastic bit of shopping without braking the bank, which is a good job as it's empty. Thankfully it is payday on Friday!

X x

PS. Update on Ashleigh, she is fine thanks. Think she needed the break away as much as we did what with the mugging and exams stress too! No news from the police and still awaiting news from the insurance but looking promising that her phone will be replaced soon. A huge thank you for all your concern. X