About Me..

I thought I would add an "about me" page.....so here goes

Name: - Trayci

Age: - 40+ although a lady should never tell!

Height: - 5ft 8" (ish) and shrinking each the year I think!!

Dress Size: - An ever changing figure! At the moment a UK14/16, closer to the later if I am honest.  But I love my curves, even if I do need to go down as dress size asap. Otherwise I won't be fitting in any of my summer clothes.

Live: - West Midlands UK

Work: - Currently an area manager for the number one cosmetics brand.

Family: - I have a wonderful Husband whom I adore, we have been married 22 years this year.
We have 2 grown up children.
My Daughter Kassie,who is who is now married and flown the nest and my youngest daughter Ashleigh, who is 21 and still living at home.

So to all my lovely readers now and future, thank you for taking the time to visit and comment. 
I love reading them all 
Love and lipstick

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