Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hippy Chick....

That is what my youngest has decided I look today.

In fact it was worse, as she called me Earth Mother to start with! 
And I can assure you I have no hairy armpits or legs and I wash regular, thank you very much child!

But in fairness I can see where she was coming from.
(no offence ment to any Earth Mothers out there)

Talking of Earth, will you be taking part in earth hour this evening?
We shall I hope.

Tunic dress/top - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings - H&M
Sandals - Ebay

I don't do leggings very much as I have far to large a derrière to get away with such things. But I must admit to feeling more than a little chilly,  so they did keep me warm nicely.

(Don't look at the grey! The roots will be gone later today thankfully)

The scarf was also a thrift find, with a cost of 50p.

It will be great for not only my hair but also to wear for work.

Aren't feet horrid?!

The things I share with you eh, what lucky folk you are!

I have a dinner date today.
Don't tell the hubby, especially as its with his dad!
Now I read that it just sounds so wrong....

I am actually having lunch with him at the allotment, scrummy liver and onions.

Hubby and mother in law hate them so it tends to be our shared sinful meal.

It also means I shall be doing yet more on the allotment too.

Well it beats housework hands down.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

X x

Friday, 30 March 2012

Black And White....

Blimey I have felt chilly today!

And its the one day I didn't wear tights either, typical eh!?
(Bet your loving these pasty whites...not)

As I had a meeting first thing I decided to wear my bargain top, a whole £1 from the charity shop and perfect for work too.

A size larger than I would normal get but as we all know, when hunting out things never be put off by size as everything can be altered if needed.

Top - M&S thrifted
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins (Years old)
Shoes - Primark

 I also had to attend my youngest drama exam.
It was a play about teenage pregnancies and I hate to say this (and you must promise not to tell her!) but she looked the spit of a 16 year old me!

She had on an adidas tracksuit (so not her), huge hoop earrings (again so not her) and her hair all pulled into a high ponytail and made to look like a shaggy perm. 
(In my defence they were trendy back in my day, honest)

Her acting was superb, as was that of her friends.
I do hope she has passed, as in the words of a 16 year old me;

"It was well good init!"

X x

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sun Shine, Lolly Pops......

Well just sunshine really although I am quite partial to a lolly pop or two.
(or maybe even three!)

Now I adore this weather, it makes me feel so much happier.

The only downside is what to wear to work!

As you know I have to be suited and booted as they say, which can be incredibly boring and when you add glorious sunshine to the mix it creates a real quandary.

So heres what I decides on today;


Nothing too exciting (although it did add a bit of sparkle to boring meetings!) but at least it ticked all the right boxes for all the meetings I had. I added a jacket as the air-conditioning made the offices cold.

How do you deal with the work dress code in this weather?

X x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Black And Blue Or Over!

But thankfully not bruised!

Its only my outfit.

Hasn't it been lovely being in the sun shine?

Whiska's has thoroughly enjoyed it bless him.

I was all set to take some photos out in the sunshine when my neighbour insisted on having a chat!
(I felt a little awkward after that as she insisted on gawping over the fence!)

So back in door I went.

This was actually my outfit for work on Tuesday, I've been so busy I've not really had time to take as many photos as I would have liked for the blog.

Curse you work!

If only I could win the lottery....

Mind you I'd have to buy a ticket first!

X x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Belated Thank You...

I was lucky enough to win one of the fabulous gifts Foster Mommy was giving away and I very naughtily am only just getting around to saying thank you.
(It this had been my children I would have been so cross, so I am telling myself off in a very stern voice!)

Here is what I received in the post;

All of it in perfect time to make some homemade Easter cards.

A huge;

Your parcel really brightened up my day.

And if your not a follower of hers I would very much recommend you do, as she has some great posts and fabulous giveaways too!

Should she reach 300 followers she is even offering herself out as the prize.
(keep it clean!)

She will come and spend a frugal day with you, what a wonderful prize to receive that would be.

X x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Bringing The Memories Flooding Back...

As you know we attended a family christening yesterday, which is incredibly scary to think that my (baby) nephew now has a child! (even if it is a step child)

After the usual post christening get together, we had a sunday roast as a family.
No too unusual you may think, however to have only the immediate family actually was a treat.

Afterwards my two girls happily sat in the sunshine together;

Whiskas insisted on getting in on the action;

And playing like a kitten.

A naughty kitten that is!

It brought back memories from when they were both small.

Truly a lovely day, but one from which we were all shattered by the end of it.

X x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

What A Busy Weekend!

Well my weekend has been soo busy!

Saturday I spent all day at the allotment and out in the sunshine.
Which was amazing.

I hadn't planned ti be out all day, so the remainder of my jobs fell to the way side.
But being in the sunshine won hands down against washing and housework. I wonder why?

Here was the main project whilst we were there;

Our shed.

Which the kids think looks more like a train.

I am so pleased with it.
It even has a cold frame on the back ready for my peppers and aubergines.

I also planted salad leaved, radishes, carrots and parsnips.

As for today well we were at a christening, which was lovely, followed by time with my girls.

But its fair to say I am well and truly knackered now!

X x

Friday, 23 March 2012

A Little Giving....

Whilst receiving gifts is all well and good I aways think that to give some one a gift is even better.

Today I received in the post two beautiful bracelets that I ordered via group on for my two nieces birthdays.

They are lovely and sparkle loads.
I am sure they will love them.

I also brought two boxes of heart shaped milk tray, ideal for gifts for two friends birthdays that are coming up. And at only £1.24 it means they can still have something else too.

Have you brought anything nice as a gift of late?

X x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Whats Lime Green???

No it's not a joke, well my family tell me I can be at time, but I think thats them just being rude if I'm honest!

As the sun was shining today I was able to peg out the washing to dry on the line, a great frugal thing that I love.

And in order to walk on the lawn, not wanting to sink in the grass with my heels I wore my sexy new shoes.

Now you know me and shoes, high and shiny are normally the bill, but not this time.

Oh no, hubby brought me some practical shoes and I just know you are going to be green with envy!

Can you spot them mingling in with the grass?

Look, they are sneaking a peek.

And here they are in full glory.
Told you you'd be jealous!
Lime green plastic clogs which cost a grand total of £3.
Not my normal choice, even if I do love green, but for running into the garden (because I run and frolic in the garden often don't you know!) or watering the plants they are fine.

So thanks hubby your a star, but could I possibly have sexy heels next time?

X x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Simple Diy Project

Now I am no budding Kirstie Alsop and my DIY skill are poor at best, however thats no reason for not giving things a go and a few projects have been taking my fancy of late.

Of course they needed to be simple to start with as failure was not an option or I might never have another go!

My first was simple.

To create a disney story board using the many disney dollars from our many trips we have had.
One Bargain frame from Wilkos

Dismantle completely

Sort many Disney dollars

Attach with photo corners

Check handy work prior to putting back together

Finished article

The second was to create a two tone bag as seen on A Thrifty Mrs blog.

Take one old bag

Locate some snotty green paint

Paint half of each side in said snotty green paint

Add another coat if needed

One finished two tone bag

In colours I like.

Over all I am very pleased with the results and they were all achieved by only spending pennies!

Next are a pair of shoes to get a revamp and a top.
(Keep your fingers crossed they go ok!)

What have been your DIY successes?
And what have been your disasters?

X x