Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Loving The Memories....

In preparation for next week I have been checking the memory cards for the camera.
A simple job that should not take long, but for me it takes forever.
I love looking at all the picture we have taken.

And here are a few from our weekend at Chatsworth.

A beautiful place that we shall be sure to go back to.

 And having a key to get into the grounds from the caravan site made it extra special.

And of course an ice cream is a must when your on holiday!

 Having music played whilst you enjoyed your picnic was amazing.

And we really enjoyed walking in the grounds.


Every night we saw deer, it was amazing.

As for next weeks adventure?
Well, we are off to Dartmouth for the week and as its a place I have never been so I am very much looking forward to it.

Ashleigh and her boyfriend will have the house to themselves so they are quite happy too.

X x


  1. It's awful that we've never been, it's only up the road, isn't it?
    It looks glorious, inside and out! x


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