Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Special Plate For A Rather Special Fella....

My evenings are always filled with orders, either for my etsy shop, eBay or just general orders.
And the past few nights seem to have been filled with these plates: 

Lots of different names, all ready to be placed out on Christmas eve with a special treat or two.

And the Santa gift pack is really popular too.

And of course Reindeer food and sparkles to be sure your house is located.
(No glitter is this bag of goodies to hurt the birds, this is animal safe)

My poor dining room table is covered in the last boxes and packages to go to the post office.
Which considering its our turn for lunch is a bit of a pest.

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  1. What a cute idea Tracyi! I had no idea you did such a cool crafty thing!x

  2. Love the plates they are greatxx

  3. I love the plates, such a fun idea. I like the boxes too - it's all lovely, talented lady. With a table covered in stuff surely it was a good excuse for a pub lunch?!


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