Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Manic Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday....

My first working day of 2015 and it saw me heading over to Milton Keynes for a three day course.

So I've packed my bag and will be staying here:

for the next few days.
Thankfully its a lovely hotel, which makes staying away from home a lot easier.

In all honesty these courses are a good way to get to know a few of my new work colleagues.

Best get my brain into learning gear!

X x


  1. You're right, a great and relaxed way to meet your new colleagues. Have fun!
    Your hair is looking gorgeous. xx

  2. Looks like a lovely hotel :) enjoy your stay...

  3. A good way of breaking the ice and sussing out the people you'll be working with :) I'm interested to know if you tell your work colleagues that you wrote a blog? x

  4. Jury's is a nice chain, isn't it? We managed to sneak in our 2 cats to the one at Islington when we got stranded coming back from Plymouth in awful storms a few years back! Don't know how we managed that!!


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