Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Admin Days.....

Yesterday was an admin day for me, which tends to mean a pair of comfy jeans and a jumper.

No fussing with hair or layering of make up.

Just a very relaxed look.
After all I don't really leave my little home office during the hours of 8-6.
It is a very busy day.

Thankfully today is my day off and I can catch up on all my housework and things I should have done over the weekend.

Weekends are for enjoying yourself rather than boring housework!

X x


  1. Nice look, love your jumper :) hope you are keeping well? good to see you blogging again ..

  2. Ah you look comfy :) I have to stop myself wearing jeans as they are my go to when I cant e bothered to think of what to wear, which is pretty much every day lol

  3. Here here! Housework is far too boring for precious weekends.
    You can't beat a relaxed jeans and jumper combo - especially if it also involves stripes!
    Loved the colour if your paint in the previous post btw, looking forward to hearing more about that :)

  4. I sometimes love admin days at home to catch up on things.


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