Monday, 3 August 2015

Monday Ruddy Monday...

Mondays are now now as admin days.
The day that I catch up with all my paperwork, figures phone calls and emails.

Usually I don't get to finish till late.
(Yes time management obviously needs a little work)
But as I love my job I genuinely don't mind, even if I do get banished to the "work" sofa.

Sometimes I get an extra bit of help, or should that be hindrance.
Trouble is when its this cute you can't really get mad with him.

So whats your Monday routine?
X x


  1. My Mondays are always different, as are all my days actually! Usually I go to the gym at some point with a friend as she always has Mondays off but this Monday I worked in the morning then had a social thing to go to in the evening so no gym for me, (I went on sunday instead!)

  2. Kitty help is the best! Monday is usually one of my busiest at work and the one where I am in clinic 8-5 give or take with no office time.
    Oddly it's my favourite day at work! x

  3. I love getting some 'help' from my cats, it brightens my day :)
    My Monday's are never the same, now that I work for myself I have very little structure to my week. I often think I should set a schedule but the freedom suits me.

  4. My Mondays are always admin days. Drives me a little crazy sometimes.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. Mondays are back to the swim-before-work routine which I don't do at the weekend as the pool doesn't open until breakfast time.


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