Monday, 15 February 2016

Feeling The Love....

What a fabulous weekend we had, even though I was working in Saturday!
Sunday was spend completely chilling with hubby followed by a visit from the eldest and her hubby and a yummy meal at the inlaws.
My father in law surprised me with a lovely red rose for valentines, he really is a sweetie.

And hubby spoilt me with these longchamp bags.

One quirky and one practical was his description.
And I love them.

I've also had a few new items of underwear, which I am desperate need of.
Thankfully they were all on sale so not too much damage to the bank balance.

As for today it has consisted of loads of admin and conference calls.

So tonights treat is a cinema trip to see Pride, Prejudice and Zombies.

Not expecting much to be honest but who knows it might be a giggle.

Love & lipstick
X x


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Love and lipstick.
X x