Friday, 3 June 2016

Missing In Action....

Gosh June already and I have neglected my blog completely.
(Bad Trayci!)

Thankfully the reason for not posting much has been that I have been far too busy with good stuff, as you would have seen from my Instagram if you follow me.

Our home is currently filled with beautiful kittens causing mischief.

A daughter who is now living back home.
Hubby, the man who puts up with me by going deaf and daft bless him.

We had been out enjoying the fabulous bank holiday weather last weekend in Ludlow, staying in our home on wheels.

We had a fabulous few days and have already been planning our next get away.

So enjoy your weekend and with a bit of luck this amazing weather will continue.

Love & lipstick
X x


Please be kind, remember we are all friends here.
I love getting your messages, they brighten up my day and will answer any questions as quickly as I possibly can.

Love and lipstick.
X x