Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Its Been A While...

Yes it has been a while indeed and so much has happened.
The most significant has to be my resent operation.
A full abdominal hysterectomy.
Not pleasant but much needed, leaving me off my feet for a good few weeks.

And sporting such trend setting surgical stockings too.

It could always be worse as my dear granny used to say.

Heres to a good few weeks of rest and recuperation.

T x 


  1. Bloody hell, Tracyi, talk about back with a bang! Can't imagine all the pain and upset that went with that, but, I trust you are back on the up now.
    I keep seeing a TV ad for 'compression' tights, so at least you are on trend, eh?!!!!
    Big hugs, Zxx

  2. I hope you're healing well lovely one, my mum had this surgery about 15 years ago and after she recovered it changed her life! xx

  3. Aww, I wondered what you had been in hospital for when I seen your Instagram :( Hope you are recovering well lovely. Let everyone take care of you and do not do anything to early. Take care x


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