Friday, 14 June 2013

Spam A Lot............

And by Spam A Lot  I don't mean this:

Or this Spam:

But this one:

I have been getting A LOT of late and I have no idea why.

Has anyone else been experiencing this or is it just me?
It's doing my head in!
Lets hope it eases up soon.

Anyway spam aside here are outfits from across the week so far:

Dress - Asda
Jacket - Next
Shoes - Designed by my daughter 
The good old floral dress, ideal for work with a jacket and smart enough to wear without.


Dress - Primark
Shoes - BHS

Another flouncy dress with added sparkle in the guise of sandals.
Plus my hamster treat necklace as hubby calls it.
If you have hamsters you will able to see why!


Dress - thrifted
Sandals - BHS

Again comfort won and a loose fitting dress was perfect for the day.

Nothing to inspiring as its been unpredictable weather wise and I have had a few casual days to.
As for the hair, well it is sooooo desperate for a cut.
My fringe is now almost over my glasses hence either it is clipped back or a middle parting.
Roll on next week to get it cut.

As for the weekend, well we did intend to try and get away but its not looking too promising to be honest.

Not that its all bad, as we have quite a lot to do still at the allotment and at home.

Any one got any exciting plans for the weekend?

X x


  1. That second dress is particularly fabulous!
    I don't get much bother with spam on my blog, my email account is inundated though! x

  2. The first dress is my favourite - lovely colours on you.

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