Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Week Style Overview

The one nice thing about taking photos of your outfits is that you get to see what they really looked like.

Do you know what I mean?

We all glance in the mirror and think "yep thats fine" but is it really?

Well here is my last week in outfits.
Some good, some not so good. But either way its what I wore!

Mondays child is fair of face

Fair of face?
Most definatley not!
And whilst this dress is oh so comfy I know its not the most flattering. 

In fact my boobs look huge!
(Is that a bad thing? Can't really decide) 

Again really comfy but destined for the bin rather soon.
My points are turning up and making me more like an elf that a business lady!  

However my bangle I do like.
One out three isn't too bad I suppose.

Tuesdays child is full of grace

A no make up day and one for which comfort wins.

Wednesday child is full of woe

Yes Woe it is!

Note to self:
This Tshirt is very unflattering!
Either loose the Tshirt or better still loose the belly!

Thursday child has far to go
 Well I didn't actually get a picture of my work wear on Thursday, i just didn't get chance.

But here is a picture I did take that day.
My sexy wellies and denim skirt shot.

Whats not to love?!

Fridays child works hard for a living

Again a slight cheat.

I did wear this outfit but again I didn't take any pics.

Saturdays child is loving and giving

Now this is most definitely from Saturday.
Hense the bright red hair!

I have decided I am changing the colour again after I get it cut next week.
Or possibly before, so I went a little crazy.

The only problem is I forgot I have a full day of meetings on Monday.

But the child that's born on the Sabbath day is bonny, blithe, good and gay!

Well this is about as much as you get to see of Sundays outfit!
I did wear it with my sparkly sandals and a vest top, but at this point for sitting in the garden a good old bikini top came out and my boobies became a little red! lol

X x


  1. I love your maxi dress outfit x

  2. That maxi is ace, love the red hair and obviously the Dub tee! xxx


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