Friday, 16 August 2013

A Rumble In The Jungle....

We really could be forgiven for thinking that our lovely not so little allotment had become an over grown jungle whilst we had been away.

The weather has obviously been ideal for growing, the only problem being it's weeds that has seemed to do exceedingly well!

Never mind, it gives us a good oportunity to work off a few (or should that be a lot?!) of the excess pounds we gained from lovely french bread and cheese.

At least now after a lot of hard work it's looking a bit more like our patch once more.

Now to pick all rest of the goodies.

X x


  1. I know that piling on the pounds feeling! I would love an allotment and must say I have great admiration for your collages! x

  2. Wow and I thought our Courgettes were big!!


    p.s I have a giveaway at the moment which you might like x


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