Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Wonderful Long Weekend....

It has to be said that We have had a wonderful weekend.

One of the places we visited whilst away was Hardwick Hall.

If was a beautiful place to see with both the new and the old house to wonder through.

I have to admit though I wasn't a huge fan of the tapestries as I much prefer seeing a house laid out with all the furniture and paintings. But thats just me.

The gardens were lovely.

And the statues were great for playing with the settings on the camera.

We were very lucky as the weather stayed nice and we were able to enjoy a punic in the grounds.

X x


  1. I've always fancied visiting HH and this has made me even more determined. Pretty print frock, by the way!! xx

  2. Amazing photos, Hardwick Hall looks gorgeous x

  3. oooo it looks great! love the rose pic, v fancy! I like your dress too it's cute xx


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