Monday, 10 November 2014

Blackpool Delights..... Well Mainly Lights...

We spent a wet weekend in Blackpool in the van this weekend just gone.
The weather was shocking (It is November so we should have expected it really) and we didn't really do very much.

In fact other than a walk around Blackpool and then a drive through the lights, its fair to say we did bugger all.

Not a bad thing as Andy was shattered and I think the rest did him good before yet another crazy week began for him.

What did he think to Blackpool?

Well it definitely didn't exceed his expectations.
(Sorry Blackpool)

Its not the people (they were lovely) just the place, great if you want to spend a few nights out in the pub but thats just not his thing.

Well at least now he's been and can tick that off his places to see list.

X x


  1. I've never been there either! Walsall used to have its own illuminations so there was no need! x

    1. Because hubby used to work in Walsall when the kids were small we always took them to see the lights. They used to love it.

      X x

  2. I went to blackpool many years ago, I like the lights, but looking forward to strictly at Blackpool this weekend on the TV!


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