Friday, 14 November 2014

Has It Really Been A Year Since Children In Need?....

Blimey these come round so quickly, I couldn't believe it was today!

I have to be honest, what with not being in a set location, I haven't really done anything for it.
Terrible I know.

Oh well, I will watch it all on TV and give a donation by text
No where near as much fun as getting involved in the fun and games of fundraising.

So have any of you guys got up to anything for Children in need?

X x 


  1. Just sat in front of the TV now! I like watching it if I'm in x

  2. Haha, i thought this too :) the days just fly by, soon it will be Christmas .. great look, love the colour of your jeans ..

  3. I honestly don't know where the last year has gone! x

  4. You look great :) Children in Need is always the last big thing before Christmas in my opinion.

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