Monday, 17 November 2014

Recovery Time....

Well what a weekend...

We knew it would be a busy one, what with my nieces wedding, but not quite as eventful.

Bride & Grooms immediate family

My niece looked stunning and the weather even stayed dry for her too.

My sister, niece and brother in law

How stunning is her dress?

My sister and her hubby beamed with pride.

My mom, Bride & Groom

And my mom looked stunning bless her.
Although she only just made it one time, we all thought she was going to miss the ceremony.

My brother,  sister in law, nephew and mom

All due to a hairdresser catastrophe with my sister in law!

Scary to think that it will be these guys next!

Thankfully we have a few years till its Ashleighs turn.

Seems a very long time ago since it was ours!
I would  do it all again in a heart beat.

The reception was held in a marquee and had a ridiculous ramp that I managed to fall down, having slipped between the metal ramp and a mat resulting in a badly sprained wrist, two grazed knees, a battered elbow and a huge dose of embarrassment!

The venue seemed to think it was all a bit of a giggle and we had to make them write it in their accident book. They offered ice for my wrist which took 10 minutes to turn up and a savlon wipe for my grazes.

A grazed knee after arriving home.

Mind you the classic from them for the night was the comment they made to Kassie.
"Where are you from?" they asked her,
"Wolverhampton" she replied
"No," said the woman, "Where are you FROM, FROM!?"

Cheeky ***!
Just cause she's dark skinned doesn't mean she was flown in on a plane!

So all in all an eventful day.
Thankfully the newly weds had a great time and thats all that matters.

X x


  1. That looked like a lovely day (minus the injury and the casual racism!) Gorgeous photo of the three of you. xxx

  2. Gorgeous pictures but I can't believe what happened to you, you poor thing x

  3. Oh love those comments. My neice visited. ONe of the military community asked ' Oh is this your little Italian friend?' Not making the connection between my neice visiting and the young girl with darker skin, when explained the 'Oh' look of shock was priceless! Ridiculous in 2014! Great pics.

  4. Lovely pictures - it does look like you had a great time.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  5. Lovely photos but a bit of a shocking weekend for you.

  6. Green is your color, you look fab. Jk.


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