Thursday, 13 November 2014

Spread A Little Kindness...

Today is World Kindness Day.
What a fabulous day to have, however I somewhat feel this should be something you try to do everyday.

Tunic - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings - Primark
Boots - From US years old.

I've said my normal "Please" and "Thank you", help open doors and even given my car park ticket away for someone to use the remaining time.

But all of these were things I would do as a matter of course.

It did make me think about what more I can do.
So I've pulled some more things from my cupboard for the help the homeless. sorted my craft items to give a bunch to the church and sorted a few more cupboards out to give excess to the charity shop.

Cute bow detail

Jobs I should have done before but never quite found the time.
So I shall keep up with my kindness deeds by collecting my brother and his family from Manchester airport at stupid o'clock this evening.
Lets hope I stay awake.

X x


  1. That is a bit of a weird idea, isn't it?
    I'd hoped that most of us are kind most of the time, surely?
    Ummm...if a situation arose, like picking up family at silly-o-clock(!), then I hope I'd step up to the plate, as they say, but that's going to happen on any ungiven day of the year, not one ear-marked day.
    Totally daft idea, if you ask me!
    And, yes, I do hope you stay awake!!!

    1. I know I found it strange too.... Like you I hope I am kind all the time.

      Thankfully I did stay awake but felt worse for wear when the alarm clock went off this morning. I really don't cope well on only a few hours sleep.

      X x

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  3. As if we need to be reminded to be kind. Its a funny old world. xxx

    1. Very true Vix, mind you I do wonder about some folk I meet. Think they need reminding. lol

      X x

  4. Lovely Tunic, aww I agree, I try to be kind to everyone I meet, not that i see to many people in a day ;)

  5. Love the bow detail. I tend to try to be as kind as I can.


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