Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...

Did you miss me?
I've not run off honest, its just been manic.
So let me fill you in on what's been going on:

I've left the job I once loved and the company I had been with for what seems like a life time and took voluntary redundancy.

And whilst it was very sad to leave the people behind, not that I won't see them all again of course, I am very excited for my new job.

I finished on the Friday and started my new job on the Monday.

No rest for the wicked eh!

Add to that lots of training and new people to meet, along with a cough/cold from hell (thanks for sharing hubby!) its fair to say I'm feeling slightly frazzled.

So the weeks have consisted of battling a cold and swotting up on new information I need to know for my new job.

Add into the mix a big family Christmas (which I love by the way) and as you can see its all been very busy.

That said its almost a new year and with a bit of luck and organisation 2015 should be a calmer one, I hope.

Hoping you all had an amazing Christmas.

X x


  1. oooo how exciting for you, good luck with the new job, I'm sure you will be fab at it! x

  2. Sounds like 2015 could be an exciting, but hopefully calmer year for you! x

  3. Oh wow, now that is a great way to finish a job and start a new one :):) Happy New Year ..

  4. Well done on the new job T and so glad you had a great xmas honey x

  5. Well done with the new job. Happy New Year to you! x

  6. Good news about the new job. New Job, New Year, New Start - memories to be made! XX

  7. Welcome back, I wonderd where you were. Happy New Year x


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