Saturday, 21 November 2015

Thank The Lord Its The Weekend..... Floppy Hat And Curls

I truly cannot tell you just how pleased I am it is the weekend.
I've had to work today and it's felt like a very long one.
(which of course it hasn't bean at all!)

What with a freezing start to the day.
(Yes I woke in the night and saw the snow that covered the car)
And bitter wind all day, my floppy hat was a welcome friend.
Accompanied with a few curls I felt warmer and brighter in no time.

Have a fabulous weekend, what ever your plans are.

X x


  1. Very nice hat! I do love hats any time of year. I don't have a floppy one though, I live by the coast so maybe it would be a bit breezy here x

    1. I wore mine the other day when it was windy and needed to constantly hold it. Think I need a hat pin. x x


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