Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Wedding Wonders..

On September 20th my beautiful daughter married a wonderful man, who I am so happy to call my son in law.

What a wonderful day it was.

The weather was fabulous and Kassie looked stunning.

Hubby enjoyed every second too.
And as predicted they both skipped down the aisle.

All of the bridesmaids looked beautiful

And it was nothing but smiles all around.

So strange to think my first born is now a Mrs...

Well heres to many years of happiness for them both.

X x


  1. How beautiful, what lovely relaxed photosx

  2. ah you all look lovely! :Love your hat :) Looks like a nice day weather wise too xx

  3. Congratulations . Photos are brilliant.
    I have this all to look forward too my youngest is getting married xx

  4. Oo what a lovely wedding! You all looked amazing xXx

  5. You all looked amazing. Glad you all had a wonderful day x


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