Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Frustrating Question Which Means Well....

Being off work at the moment the most asked question I get is "how are you?"  The instant answer you give is "I'm ok thanks" which of course is a complete fib. But who wants to hear the truth?
"My stomach feels like its been ripped out and stuffed back in!"
Which strangely enough is whats happened.

Everyone says enjoy the time off, chill, think of all the things you can be doing. Don't get me wrong it is fab not having to rush in a morning to get in for a busy day at work. But I still am unable to lift, unable to drive and unable to walk round for hours on end. Add to that the fact I will get only statutory sick pay for December and it immediately limits anything you can do financially.
My experience is unique to me, due to issues I had previously it's not been the straight forward recovery that others have had from the same surgery.

But I don't want you to think I am moaning. Everything has a plus side (yes my glass is ALWAYS half full) I will have finally got rid of the bloating tummy (I hope), painful and constant periods. 
Finally I won't have to worry about having white bedding or sitting on someone elses sofa.

Hubby and Ashleigh have been amazing. Cooking, cleaning and telling me off when I attempt to do the things I am not allowed. I forget at times that I am unable to do such simple things.  My mom has also been fabulous doing all my ironing, that is the one job I am not looking forward to taking back.

However I can't wait to get back to the job I love, my team who are stars and being able to do things myself.

In the mean time I shall enjoy being pampered and enjoy as many Christmas films as possible.

Love and lipstick
X x


  1. I've been off for almost 8 months now and people keep saying "you're so lucky, all that free time!". Personally struggling to see what's so lucky about being a literal prisoner of my own mind but never mind eh?

    Fingers crossed we're both back where we belong soon! xx

    1. Oh Laura I feel your pain hun. It truly is no fun at all. Sending hugs x x


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